Vision Becomes Action


One cold snowy night my wife, Hazel, found a young boy of about 10 years huddled in a corner of our garage, clad only in shorts and blue with cold. Quickly we led him to the house and clothed him with refugees’ clothing. Soon, he led us to another boy in like condition.

That night we could not sleep, for a vision was being born out of the need . . . what about all the other children we beheld upon the streets? We could not leave our mission work and open an orphanage, but we began to pray that someone else would be called to do so.

Just a few days later we contacted a young lady in Jerusalem who had this burden heavily upon her heart. In answer to prayer she was led to another young woman of like burden, and immediately a vision became action. We contributed six girls at the beginning when these noble ladies, by faith, opened an orphanage in the home of a friend. God blessed every step and now they have grown to 40 girls in number, of which 10 are our responsibility. They live by faith absolutely.

One day the rent was coming due, and the landlord demanded his money or threatened to evict. The ladies called the girls together, told them about the need and asked for united prayer. The girls asked that no dinner be served, as they wanted to fast and pray, believing that God would send in the rent money. Not one penny was at hand, but as the matron started for the post office, the girls all cried out that they would be praying. In the box lay a letter, but the matron did not open it until she reached the house. At the sight of the letter in her hand, the girls began shouting, and upon opening it, a check for six months’ rent fell out. Praise God! Now they are looking for a larger house so that they may take in more of these unfortunate girls.

Prayers result in action, and action proves prayers.

—Donald Ward, Ammon, Jordan, 1955

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