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Joseph*, a member of an unreached people group in West Africa of only 120,000, came to Christ a few years ago. He is currently helping a Bible translator, Robert, create a translation of the Bible in Joseph’s language so his people will have the chance to know the God of love and justice.

Joseph’s wife, Tessa, had not yet fully embraced Christ but had been studying the Bible with Robert’s wife, Sarah, and was very open. Tessa was beginning to understand and believe—she was even having conversations about being baptized soon.

After one of these conversations, Tessa awoke during the night and told Joseph a snake had bitten her. She was frantically trying to keep the snake from also biting him. Joseph saw that there was no snake and calmed her down so she could go back to sleep.

The following day as they were having Bible study with Robert and Sarah, Tessa became violent and uncontrollable. She had the strength of 10 men, breaking the door and Joseph’s phone, which was housing his translation work.

While Joseph and Robert were calling for help, a neighbor brought in a religious leader who began to chant over her, holding her head and commanding her to recite verses from her old religion. Tessa began crying uncontrollably.

Robert and Sarah quickly called me and others for help. Within minutes, the Christian community began to arrive and the religious leader left. Many believers came together to help. A doctor prescribed medication to calm her, and we all began to pray. We each offered what we had—medical, emotional, and prayer support.


It was clear that Tessa was under spiritual attack because of what she was saying and how quickly things within her responded to the name of Jesus. Because of the medication, we could not begin conversations, but we could sit with her, sing to her, and take authority over the demons when they would incite her.

We sent out a call to pray via WhatsApp to the community, and each of us asked our prayer warriors back home to pray. Many responded in prayer as we fought this spiritual battle for her life.

In order to keep them safe, Tessa’s children had to be removed from their home even though the youngest was still nursing, so Sarah took them to her house to care for them while we continued to pray. Tessa was in such a stupor that she didn’t even ask about her children.

The second day we were praying over her, I received a call that her four-year-old son had fallen off a swing and needed a nurse. I quickly drove over only to find the boy’s arm was severely broken and displaced. My husband and I arranged for him to see an orthopedic surgeon I work with, and the surgeon proceeded to try and find a hospital open on a Sunday evening where they could operate.

Since the boy had no pulse in his hand, the surgery was urgent. The doctors finally found a pulse, but during the surgery, the equipment malfunctioned and caused a burn that had to be repaired as well. It was one attack after another, and everyone involved felt the darkness and oppression over every effort to help.


After three days of sitting with Tessa in prayer and love, reading Scripture, and worshiping, she became very agitated again. Since we were not sure if she was a believer yet, we began to share the gospel with her and invite her to respond by asking Jesus to help her—and eventually she did.

On day four, Tessa was ready for soul care. We led her through confession of faith in Jesus, which she did with conviction. We listened to her story with compassion as she expressed her many wounds, including losing her parents at a young age. We then led her to put her wounds into the wounds of Christ, receive His forgive- ness, and extend forgiveness to those who had wounded and misled her.

Over the next two days we helped Tessa break off generations of occult practices and blood ceremonies and curses, applying the superior blood of the Lord Jesus Christ to cut those ties and close those doors to her soul. We then led her through proclamations of her identity as a daughter of God and a co-heir with Jesus.

While Joseph was translating for Tessa, he was also entering into soul care for himself. There were tears, anger, grief, and—after their acceptance of the Father’s love—peace and joy. Once we believed that there were no lingering open doors for the demonic, we command- ed the demons that had tormented her to go where Jesus sends them, and Tessa said she felt an incredible peace and joy for the first time.

Joseph and Tessa are now reunited with their children, and their son is healing well after a second surgery. Tessa is growing spiritually, understanding God’s Word, and receiving His love with much more confidence. She is also preparing for baptism again. Joseph has grown bolder in his witness and has a new confidence as he continues Scripture translation. Even their son who broke his arm has put his faith in Jesus after seeing his prayers answered for his mama’s healing. Robert also fell and broke his arm not long after Tessa experienced freedom, but we all just laughed at the enemy’s attempts to stop the Kingdom of God from advancing.

The Lord of heaven’s armies is on our side, and as the Lord of hosts, He has all authority over demons and has given us the charge to walk in His power to heal the sick and cast out demons. This young family has been chosen by God to be a gateway of salvation, truth, trans- formation, and deliverance for their people group. As Alliance international workers, we had the privilege of leading this precious family to an encounter with Jesus and His victorious healing.

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