Where Are We Going?


In his book Unoffendable, Brant Hansen tells a poignant story about running errands with his wife and young children.

First stop: the grocery store. Brant and the kids wait in the car while his wife runs in. Next, they drop something off at a friend’s house. Then a few more errands.

martha-krienkeFinally, they pull onto the highway. Brant misreads the road sign and soon notices red and blue lights flashing in his rearview mirror. A policeman stops him for speeding. After a few minutes parked on the side of the road, Brant merges back onto the highway and then exits to another.

“That’s when my daughter took her thumb out of her mouth and said something,” he writes.

“‘Um . . . Daddy, where are we going?’”

I’ve asked that same question many times in my 34 years of life: Dear Jesus, where are we going?

An unexpected job layoff, prolonged singleness, family members diagnosed with cancer, close friends moving away—what’s the purpose of all this?

Hearing his daughter’s question, Brant realized how strange their trip must have seemed from her perspective. She had no idea where they were going, yet she was content.

“[S]he wasn’t the least bit offended by my lack of communication,” Brant writes. “She’s a child, and children are, by nature, humble. They don’t have to know everything.

“What she did know, though, mattered infinitely. . . . She knew who was driving.

“She knew, and still knows, that the one who is driving . . . loves her.”

The stories in this issue of Alliance Life are all about God’s children going on some wild road trips to the ultimate destination He planned for them.

Judy Gaskin was a young teen when her mother died, leaving her to care for her three younger siblings. Chean became legally blind as a child. Other kids bullied him and called him a “nobody.” Danny Amos spent 50 years in prison. Marien Hall waited 50 years for the fulfillment of her missionary calling.

If, like me, you’re asking the question, Daddy, where are we going?, may these stories from the Alliance family encourage you. You may not know anything about the route He’s taking, but you can know the Person who is driving loves you.

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Martha Krienke, Managing Editor

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