Why We Must Pray


“The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds” (2 Cor. 10:4).

Throughout this issue you’ll read compelling stories of the lengths to which God and His people go to seek and save the hurting, lost, and overlooked. Most of these stories have happy endings as the gospel’s reach is broadened into spiritually impoverished areas and people find true hope for this life and the next.

But whenever and wherever the gospel takes root, God’s sworn adversary is angered—and chooses to unleash that anger on both those who deliver and those who receive the good news. He has a raging temper and hates losing ground.

Some of you may remember watching the 2017 Alliance Year-End Offering video about Alliance worker Heather Williams’ outreach among children in a neglected slum in Cambodia. This is where she and her husband, Jeff, make their home. (See also “Show Them Jesus.”)

In the video, a boy named Johan (referred to in the segment as “monkey boy”) runs around wreaking havoc on people and animals while his older sister, A’lee, tries to look after and subdue him. The segment ends on a high note with the children being introduced to Jesus; families forsaking their oppressive, ancestral religions; and A’lee delivered from the horrors of abuse and attending an Alliance Bible school to prepare for ministry.

In May, Heather wrote,

Little Johan drowned a week ago while trying to follow the older kids out into the swamp to pick morning glory to sell. His mother committed suicide a couple days ago by throwing herself in front of a train. . . .

A few days later, she continued,

A’lee had already been struggling to live out her new identity in her same old location before all this. It has not been a straight trajectory forward. But the recent events have caused her to remember all those things she said in the video and begin to walk the hard path back to what she knows to be the truth. Pray for her and for her family. I feel that I am fighting Satan tooth and nail for them even to stay alive.

Because of these tragedies, some villagers are returning to the bondage of their ancestral beliefs.

When we pray, we answer our heart’s longing for intimacy with God and accept His invitation to join Him in His work. We also enter the heavenly realm, where battles rage over the souls of the lost and wandering. As you read this magazine, remember to pray for our workers and against the dark forces that would seek to come against them.

Peter Burgo, Editor-in-Chief

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