Why We Rely on Your Prayers

The beginning of a new story . . .


The world is to be evangelized by the Church on her knees. Beloved, let us pray . . . God is calling us in these last days to be the instruments and channels through whom He can speak to the nations. —from Missionary Messages by Alliance founder A. B. Simpson

“I’d really like my wife to understand our faith,” Peter* explained. I quickly swallowed the mouthful of rice and carrots I was chewing. “What do you mean by our faith?” I asked.

Sitting in a restaurant during the busy lunch hour might not have been the best place for this conversation. But there we were.

Peter glanced around furtively and almost whispered his answer. “Isa (Jesus) the Messiah is coming back, and our faith is in Him.”

The First Believer!

Last spring, we told you the story of Samuel*, a young shepherd boy in a remote valley where we work. (See “God Still Speaks through Shepherds” in the May/June 2019 issue of Alliance Life.) There were no known believers among his gospel-resistant ethnic minority group. But now there is one, because Peter has placed his faith in Christ.

Thank you for praying! Thank you for giving! Your partnership is helping to fulfill God’s ancient prophetic promise: to see disciples “. . . from every nation, tribe, people, and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb” (Rev. 7:9).

Please continue to intercede. Peter is not in an easy position. He has fully embraced his Savior, but his wife has many family members who are conservative religious teachers. The fear Peter feels is real.

The backlash will come in time, but Peter’s faith has been strengthened through several vivid dreams in which Jesus has spoken to him. Peter has also seen the difference He makes in people’s lives.

Prayer is what made this possible. Yours, ours, and the daily work of worship and intercession through a group we serve with here called Upper Room. This is a movement of prayer with the purpose of seeing this nation transformed. And there has been movement—increasing numbers of people here are placing their faith in Christ.

Of course, there is pushback. We have experienced a very difficult season. Local friends are facing increasing persecution. Local fellowships are facing more scrutiny. This is why we rely heavily on your prayers. Please pray for Peter to grow strong in his faith and for many more in his gospel-resistant community to come to know the Father’s love for them.

*Names changed

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  1. Praying for Peter’s wife, her family, and all of the community to know the Father’s love for them. Thank you for the article!

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