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Medical professionals, business people, language teachers, church planters, evangelists, and disciplemakers—the whole church must work together so all peoples have gospel access. And from them, the good news can flow to still others until the Great Commission is complete.  

At-risk Children

(Photo by Stephanie Reindel)

Johan, holding his “riding horse” banana stalk, is the son of alcoholics and was raised primarily by his grandma. He, along with the other children pictured, is at risk for trafficking, violence, sexual abuse, and addiction. “Freckles,” arms out-stretched, is the primary caregiver while her mother works to feed the children, and their father is in prison. Alliance workers Jeff and Heather Williams live beside them in Cambodia to proclaim God. Johan loves Jesus. Tragically, he died in May. No longer at risk, Johan is in Jesus’ care now.

Medical Work

(Photo by Daron Short)

An Alliance worker along with local Gabonese personnel perform a surgery at the Bongolo Hospital of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. At the 158-bed hospital, more than 40,000 patients were seen and 1,500 surgeries were performed in 2017. On average, more than 100 come to Christ each month as result of this life-giving ministry.

Relief Aid

(Photo by Jenn Whiteman)

The Alliance church of Mafraq, Jordan, has been reaching out to Syrian refugees since they first arrived in 2011. CAMA worker Brian Burns helped church members distribute mattresses and propane tanks to families in their homes and spent time praying for their personal needs. He and his wife, Katie, are now based in Bangkok, Thailand, where they coordinate relief projects in partnership with Alliance churches in Southeast Asia.

Development of Church Networks

(Photo by Jord Christopher)

Cuban Alliance youth perform a spontaneous dance to the worship song “Fuego” at the start of a week-long series of meetings in Havana, Cuba. A delegation from the U.S. and Canadian Alliance joined the Cuban Alliance church for the festivities. The U.S. Alliance has signed a five-point agreement with the Cuban Alliance on how the U.S. Alliance can best serve the thriving 75 congregations in this island nation.

Migrant Work

(Photo by Stephanie Reindel)

Ministering to Spanish-speaking immigrants in Germany is one aspect of Alliance worker Jose Chinchilla’s job description. This friend (right) from Colombia became a believer after Jose (left) helped him find an apartment and taught him how to interpret Scripture and apply it to his life. He and his family are now part of the Alliance Spanish-German church plant in Berlin.


(Photo by Josh Whiteman)

Story crafters and translators prepare and practice telling God’s story at Alliance des Porteurs de I’Histoire in the Congo. Davy (pictured in front) speaks Vili and works with Alliance workers Jay and Bev Bellamy to prepare Bible stories and play them for the Vili in southern Congo. Hundreds of previously unreached people have responded and found new life in Christ.

Theological Education

(Photo courtesy of Esther Schaeffer)

Alliance worker Esther Schaeffer teaches a Bible class to a group of believers at an Alliance church in Burkina Faso. A spreading mango tree is the perfect setting for them to gather during the hot afternoon to study God’s Word. Providing literacy classes for believers in Burkina Faso is one of the Bobo team’s objectives. Explaining the truths of God’s Word, memorizing Scripture, and learning to pray are essential elements in making disciples.

Church Development

(Photo by Syna Lao)

(L to R) Phaa, Savy, and Oan pray to receive Christ at a church service earlier this year in the Anlong Veng District of Cambodia. After more than 20 years of successful ministry in Poipet, Alliance workers Soeuth and Syna Lao moved to the former Khmer Rouge stronghold in 2017. Their church planting–related ministries include discipling upcoming leaders like Kong. Encountering Christ when God healed his eye after a near-fatal accident, he is now passionate to share the good news with all his friends and relatives.

Business for Transformation

(Photo by Josh Whiteman)

Chaz Frechette, an Envision resident, shows another employee at UBean Coffee House and Roasterie in Mongolia how to make pour-over coffee. Business as ministry uses ethical Christian business practices to minister to and disciple the believing and nonbelieving staff. The discipled can then better reach the lost and make a meaningful Kingdom impact in their circles of influence.

Vocational Training

(Photo by Ewien van Bergeijk - Kwant)

Young women in Northern Senegal learn to sew at a girls’ school run by a small evangelical church. Alliance workers partner with the church to provide training in practical skills so young women and girls can find jobs. All of the 100 or so students have access to the gospel through daily chronological Bible teaching and interactions with the believers on staff. Ministries like this create a positive and open mindset in the community toward the local believers and ultimately Christ.

Church Planting

(Photo by Justin Siemens)

Chris O’Dell, site coordinator of Envision Taipei, shares a Sunday service message alongside a Taiwanese sister in Christ who is translating the message into Mandarin Chinese. The bilingual services held in Aroma Cafe minister to both native Taiwanese and the growing population of expats in Taipei. The Aroma church often has a congregation of about 80 people on any given Sunday; in fact, the site is trying to find creative ways to fit even more people into its limited space.

Community Development

(Photo courtesy of CAMA Services)

Through its Small Plot Irrigation project, CAMA Senegal provides loans to farmers for drilling boreholes and installing pumps. Water is pumped into large basins in the middle of fields to be carried out with buckets. This method affords farmers more time to cultivate other areas. With good, timely planting, a farmer’s income could increase by 300–400 percent.

These examples are but a small taste of how Alliance workers have a meaningful, impactful presence around the world. You can learn more about CAMA Services, marketplace ministries, Envision, and the clergy/vocational tracks of International Ministries by visiting cmalliance.org/ministries/missions.

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