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In a small village in north and central Asia, a father was worried about his adult daughter, Jasmine*, who had moved as a migrant worker to a neighboring country. Her texts and phone calls revealed that she was trapped in a dangerous domestic violence situation in the large city where she lived. With borders closed due to the pandemic, the father’s desperation grew as he considered how to help his daughter. Finally, he got in touch with an organization that rescued Jasmine and brought her to a safe place nearby.

That safe place was a maternity home that C&MA workers helped launch and develop over the past year. The dream for this home was born in the heart of a national woman, Maddie, as she was burdened by the plight of migrant women like herself who come to the city to find work and then, through a variety of crisis situations, end up pregnant and alone. (Read Maddie’s story at cmalliance.org/maddie).

Full of shame, separated from their support system, sometimes unable to speak the local language, these women often abort or abandon their babies. Through the generosity of C&MA churches, donors, and Alliance Women, the maternity home provides migrant mothers with temporary housing, counseling, mentoring, access to medical and legal assistance, and supportive relationships with believers ready to share the hope of Christ. In a safe and loving environment these moms are empowered to choose life for their babies and make a new start.

Safety in Life’s Storms

Since its launch in November 2019, the maternity home has ministered to a number of women facing crisis situations. Often a woman comes late in her pregnancy with few possessions and no idea how to support herself and her baby in this large foreign city.

Our staff supports these women through the birth and post-partum adjustment, helping them learn skills needed to embrace motherhood and recover from the trauma so many of them have faced. Each story is unique, but God’s creative hand is opening doors for these women to encounter His love in a time of great need.

One resident welcomed a newcomer saying, “Don’t be afraid; you have come to a safe place. Here you will learn how much God loves you.”

More to Do

A team of C&MA international workers currently partners with national believers to develop the ministry, recruit and train volunteers, and build partnerships with local churches and organizations.

Right now, the home is a small apartment that can house up to three women and their babies. We are raising funds with the hope of opening a larger facility where up to 10 women and their children can stay at a time. This home would include a yard where kids can play and a large gathering space where residents can be trained in job skills. We invite those who share our passion for the safety, growth, and eternal future of migrant women and their babies to join us in realizing this dream.

While we are still seeking funds to equip the ministry to take in more women, we often find our greatest challenge is on the spiritual battlefield. At times it feels we are fighting on many fronts, and we rely heavily on the vital support not only of donors but also an international virtual prayer team that receives weekly updates from us.

We seek God’s wisdom daily as we navigate the complications of launching a nonprofit in a context often prejudiced against migrant workers. We also face the challenge of coordinating a culturally diverse team of staff and volunteers. Tangible, financial support and spiritual covering—both are needed for our Alliance family to make a significant impact on our day-to-day struggles.

At each stage of this ministry, Alliance people in the United States have been vitally involved. Small groups have sewn baby hats and collected newborn clothing; VBS groups have raised awareness and funds; and churches and individuals have faithfully prayed, encouraged, and supported us financially.

One short-term team came last fall to put the finishing touches on the apartment in preparation for our first resident and to provide trauma-informed care training for our workers. All of these acts of love and generosity have borne fruit in the transformed lives of the women who have stayed here.

From Maternity Home to Eternal Home

When Jasmine first arrived at the home, she cried constantly and was startled by the slightest sound, gripped by fear and demonic oppression. Over time, however, she responded to our staff’s patient love and care. Tears were replaced with smiles, and she eagerly accepted a Bible in her own language. She read the Bible and watched Christian films daily, asking many questions about how Christianity compares to the majority faith of her home country.

The prayers of our team and prayer warriors around the world broke through her darkness, and the oppression lifted. Our house mom loves to sing worship songs as she works around the home, and Jasmine began joining in. What a joy to hear her singing praise to Jesus, even as she continued her search for truth!

As the weeks turned into months, Jasmine desperately wanted to return to her family and young son in her home country, but closed borders kept her with us. God, in His timing, gave her many opportunities to hear the good news of Jesus. Finally, our team helped her buy a ticket on a charter flight home. As she left, she asked us to keep praying for her.

Soon after, her father called the maternity home director in tears, thanking us profusely for the rescue, hope, and healing Jasmine found while with us. This man and his family live in a highly unreached part of a country closed to the gospel. Without God’s intervention, it’s unlikely they would have ever heard the good news of Jesus.

But God loves to intervene, and we are hopeful they will now hear it from the lips of their own daughter! Pray this whole family will be transformed by faith in Jesus. Thank you for your Kingdom investment in the maternity home as we bring hope to migrant women facing crisis situations in our city.

*Names changed

You Can Make an Impact Now!

Jasmine’s story is one of many examples of lives being transformed by the power of the gospel because people like you support Alliance projects. To put your generosity in action for more women like Jasmine, visit cmalliance.org/give; select a project you love/Find a project; and type in Maternity Home in Eastern Europe. Learn about 24 more strategic projects throughout the world by requesting a copy of the 2020–2021 Strategic Giving Opportunities Gift Catalog at [email protected] or by calling toll free, (866) 443-8262.

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