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Back in 2013, my husband, Ed, was on a prayer walk with a short-term missions team from the United States when they met a woman selling noodles at a small shop along the sidewalk. Ed sensed the Holy Spirit prompting them to talk to her. As the team engaged her in conversation and gave her gospel literature, they knew they had found a seeker.

Ed introduced me to Ann, and I started visiting regularly. She accepted a Bible, asked many questions, and shared her story but would not come to church. Though she had been searching for God for 35 years, she was still cautious. How could she trust God after such a bitter life?

After four months, Ann prayed that she would sell all her noodles by noon on Sunday so she could attend the afternoon worship service. When God answered that request two Sundays in a row, she came to church and trusted in her Savior. (For more of Ann’s incredible story, watch “A Sinner Like Me”).

I discipled Ann and saw her life transform. She grew in her faith, enthusiastically witnessed to family and customers, and saw some come to Jesus. Ann is now an active lay leader of the Mahapawn Living Water Church in Mahachai.

Our Journey to Mahachai

The first church-planting team we joined after language study was in the far southwest corner of Bangkok. The church plant was two years old with a congregation of around 20 Thai believers; but before long it would outgrow its rented facility.

During our second four-year term at this church, the Thai congregation was able to buy land and construct an adequate building one kilometer outside of Bangkok in Samut Sakhon Province. About half the budget came from the generous gifts of our Alliance family in the United States and Canada. When the Mahapawn Threemonthon Church building was dedicated to the Lord in January 2001, the congregation had grown to 80 people, mostly new believers. Today it’s averaging 150 members and has two daughter churches.

In 2007, this church asked us to partner with them to plant their second daughter church in Mahachai, the provincial capital of Samut Sakhon Province with a population of 300,000 and only one known church. Six new believers lived in this area and commuted each week to the mother church a distance away.

This church plant struggled with little fruit and many tears. At the end of the first three years, three C&MA Filipino missionary colleagues and a Thai pastoral couple came to help the Mahapawn Living Water Church. Things began to turn around, strongholds were broken, and God moved—especially among the young people.

In 2013, Pastor Sukprasan became the pastor after the first pastoral couple moved to another church. This gifted, visionary young man had just finished his Bible school training. The congregation began to grow and reflect the multinational makeup of Mahachai.

Waiting in Baan Paeo

Pastor Sukprasan had a burden for the lost in Baan Paeo, another district of Samut Sakhon with 90,000 people and no visible church. He asked my husband and me to move there in 2015 and partner with his church to plant another congregation.

We met Nun on a prayer walk shortly after moving to Baan Paeo as she sat outside her beauty salon. On a whim, I got my hair cut. As we chatted, I knew God had led us to another seeker. Eleven days after I met her, her son was arrested for armed robbery, which turned her world upside down—and opened her heart to the Lord.

I knew Nun needed to meet a Thai Christian, so I arranged for Ann to visit. Their stories were so similar. “Did you ever try this way of chanting?” Nun asked Ann. “Yes, yes, I tried that one too, but that was not it. When I met Jesus, I knew He was who I was searching for,” Ann answered. Nun agreed to come to the mother church in Mahachai for worship. About two weeks later, she put her faith in Jesus alone.

Nun became an enthusiastic witness to her family, customers, and friends in the market area. She opened her beauty salon for weekly cell groups for more than a year while more local Thai accepted the Lord. Outgrowing Nun’s small beauty salon, the Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church rented a nearby storefront building and began Sunday worship in March 2017. We are currently at this church, engaged in evangelism, discipling new believers, and leadership training.

Pastor Sukprasan is now looking at a second daughter church, possibly in the Baan Bo area where there are more than 30,000 people and no visible church. Because of COVID shutdowns, Nun has moved to this new target area to live with her sister, care for her nephew, and open a beauty salon. She is already sharing her faith with her new neighbors. Perhaps this will be the beginning of another church.

Thank You for Your Generosity!

“Mahapawn” means “Great Blessing,” and the Alliance family has been a great blessing to us personally and to the people of Thailand through your amazing generosity. Thai people are surrendering to Jesus, lives are being transformed, and churches are being planted in underreached areas.

Ann, Nun, and scores of other Thai people were all waiting to hear the good news. Many short-term teams have come to serve alongside us and even provided the different churches with musical instruments, computers, sound systems, and more. Thank you!

But there is still much work to do. Thailand, with a population of 69 million, is less than 1 percent Christian. More than 90 percent are Buddhist, and about 5 percent practice the majority religion of the Middle East. Samut Sakhon Province, where we minister, is only 0.26 percent Christian. Relationships are key to sharing the good news of Jesus in this resistant but open society.

Now the Mahapawn Living Water Church is stepping out in faith to buy land and construct the church building that will validate their credibility in the eyes of the Thai community, enabling more outreach. Pastor Sukprasan plans to continue planting daughter churches in unreached areas around Mahachai. Thank you in advance for your consideration to partner with the Mahapawn Living Water Church.

Nun once asked me why she had to wait 50 years to hear the gospel. I had no answer but thanked God for His mercy in sending us to Baan Paeo. Ask God to call more international workers to serve in Thailand. May He receive all the glory and advance His Kingdom here.

Thank you!

Help Grow the Thai Church

Thousands of Thai people’s stories are just like Ann’s and Nun’s before they found Jesus. Their lives can also be transformed by the power of the gospel when friends like you support the Mahapawn Living Water Church project. To put your generosity into action, visit cmalliance.org/give; select “a project you love/Find a project”; and type in “Mahapawn Living Water Church Land & Bldg.

Learn about more Alliance strategic projects throughout the world by requesting a copy of the 2020–2021 Strategic Giving Opportunities Gift Catalog at [email protected] or by calling toll free at (866) 443-8262.

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