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Alliance Council 2015 in Long Beach, California, was an inspiring, Spirit-led time of worship, connection, revived vision, and renewal. This page was created for your convenience—to watch Council session videos and download or purchase resources to share with your church family. Plan now to join us for Alliance Council 2017 in Columbus, Ohio!

John Stumbo’s Call to the Alliance Family

  • Where Are We? Where Are We Going? Part 1

    During the Wednesday morning session (May 27), John described his two-year journey in seeking to define this movement we call The Alliance—“a Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family.” Rather than a tagline, he explained that this descriptor is a foundation from which to begin an ongoing conversation within our denomination about how God is summoning us to “love, proclaim, reach, and launch” together in response to a needy world. “This is who we are, and you have a key role in this mission,” he concluded.

    Download PowerPoint Watch Part One – Abridged (30:51)

  • Where Are We? Where Are We Going? Part 2

    In his Thursday morning address (May 28), John shared sobering statistics from recent decades revealing lost Alliance ministry opportunities, both at home and abroad, due to downward trends in Great Commission Fund church giving. “Will we again rise to fulfill our calling as a missionary-sending church—taking Jesus’ love to the neediest places on the planet?” he asked. “This can be a historic moment for us, an eternity-shaping moment for people all across the globe if we rise to this challenge.”

    Download PowerPoint Watch Part Two – Abridged (30:04)

  • Together: A Call to the Alliance Family

    Download the narrative version of John Stumbo’s two–part Council message, Where Are We? Where Are We Going? delivered at Alliance Council 2015 in Long Beach, California. This document combines parts 1 and 2 of John’s message, calling The Alliance family to “love, proclaim, reach, and launch” in response to the immense needs of our world today.

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2013–14 Report of the President to General Council

You can download the 2013–14 Report of the President to General Council 2015 below.

Download 2015 Report 3.9MB PDF



    Jordan Christopher, managing video producer for The Alliance, hosts this six-part, day-in-review series of interviews with Council attendees.

  • Council Videos

    Downloadable video

    The Alliance Council 2015 video series enables you watch speaker messages from the main Council sessions on your computer or download them to share in a public setting.

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  • Together

    Brief review of the president’s vision presented at Alliance Council 2015

    Shrink-wrapped in quantities of 50, this 4.5”X4.5” six-page pamphlet is designed for Alliance church leaders and congregations to continue the conversation begun at Council—how we can unite to love, proclaim, reach, and launch as a denomination to fulfill the Great Commission more effectively.

  • Peoples of the World

    Wallet sized prayer reminder cards

    Praying for peoples of the world who most lack access to the gospel is a practical, powerful way for Alliance people to help fulfill the Great Commission. This full-color, high-quality perforated set of eight cards reminds us that God moves as we partner with Him through consistent, focused prayer.

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