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During the throes of the Great Depression, Alliance missionaries from Congo surveyed South Gabon and discovered vast areas that had never been reached with the gospel. The first missionaries entered the country in 1934.

After a North American ministry presence of more than 70 years, the Alliance national church in Gabon is moving full circle from being a recipient of Christian missions to being a partner in sending missionaries to unreached people. These churches are fully organized with official recognition from the Gabonese government and are able to support their own pastors and leaders. As the largest family of evangelical churches in the country, they are taking the initiative to plant new churches and reach into new areas with the gospel.

By 2008, all church-planting and related missionaries transitioned out of Gabon. The remaining U.S. workers are connected with Bongolo Hospital, where thousands of people hear Jesus’ message of hope in their darkest hours, regardless of their religious background or ability to pay for treatment. Each year, the number of patients who place their trust in Christ continues to grow.

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National Church

The Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of Gabon: 115 organized churches, 145 unorganized groups, 91 ordained ministers, 11,226 baptized members, and 25,550 inclusive members

Team Initiatives

  • Holistic ministries - Demonstrate Christ’s love through compassionate, quality medical care and evangelism.
  • Operational Support - Seek, encourage and promote the necessary support for the team to reach its goals.
  • Training Programs - Train, mentor, and disciple medical professionals through training programs at Bongolo Hospital.
  • Diaspora Ministries - Work with all interested parties to develop strategies to engage the least-reached expatriates with the gospel in innovative ways.
  • Partnerships - Engage short and mid-term visitors and long-term partners in the work of Bongolo Hospital to help them grow in their passion for God and involvement in world missions.

The Alliance at Work in Gabon