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The Alliance has had a presence in Germany since 1975; ministries began in Berlin in 1997. Through church-planting efforts in former East Berlin and a church that was started to reach internationals as well as Germans, many lost people have encountered Christ and made a decision to follow Him. Unique friendship evangelism venues facilitate opportunities to introduce Christ naturally in conversations with those who previously have thought God to be irrelevant.

Freischwimmer, in partnership with German ecclesiastical leaders, is a church plant that lives out its mission to “be there for others” through creative Lego-brunches, home groups, and Sunday worship services. The Chinese Alliance Church, initially planted to reach Chinese students in Berlin, continues to have an impact through the students who return to China with the truth of Christ.

Alliance workers also are pushing ministry forward in northeast Germany. Partnering with local ministries, including a Christian café, and expanding the successful English Camp outreach, they desire to break through the spiritual apathy and darkness in this region with the Light of Christ.

Alliance personnel in Germany include those working in the Europe/Middle East Regional Office. Additionally, several couples serve third-culture kids at Black Forest Academy.

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National Church

Our national Alliance family in Germany—Missions-Allianz-Kirche in Deutschland—is comprised of 4 organized churches, 2 ordained ministers, 63 baptized members, and 315 inclusive members.

Team Initiatives

  • Help lead and develop the German church plant Freischwimmer through solidifying its spiritual foundation and growing the Body through evangelism and discipleship.
  • Expand the English Camp ministry in northeast Germany, focusing particularly on intentional ministry to teens and young adults through follow-up and discipleship.
  • After establishing a base in the city of Waren, centrally located in northeast Germany, set up a strategic partnership with a thriving local café ministry to promote future outreach in this spiritually dark region.

Black Forest Academy Staff

The Alliance at Work in Germany