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If he were alive today, our founder, Dr. A.B. Simpson, would give a rousing “thumbs up” to Alliance Chaplain Ministries.

ministering on the battlefieldSimpson broke with tradition in his day—sharing the good news with New York City’s marginalized in non-church facilities while pursuing the Call to take “the whole Bible to the whole world.” Likewise, our chaplains share the good news in challenging, diverse, and ever-changing environments to which traditional ministries often have little or no access.

As Federal or Institutional Chaplains, prisons, military installations, hospitals, and nursing homes are some of the unique settings in which our chaplains engage people who live and work outside of the organized church. Read about the many accounts of God at work through chaplaincy.

Wise Counselors Needed!

Alliance chaplains are male and female licensed workers. One of their primary responsibilities is offering wise spiritual counsel, bringing God’s truth to bear on a variety of interpersonal needs.

C&MA chaplains also perform a full range of ministerial services, including:

  • Preaching and teaching the Word of God
  • Administering church ordinances, including the Lord’s Supper and Baptism
  • Officiating at weddings (subject to state laws) and funerals

The Alliance seeks men and women called to serve in difficult places who can fully demonstrate the love of Jesus in untraditional ministry environments. The need has never been greater, the experience never so rich.

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