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From day one of The C&MA, A. B. Simpson and other Alliance founders had in mind the importance of the deeper life experience for every member. Experiencing the deeper life is a lifelong journey for every disciple. When “each one makes one,” the kingdom of God grows and access to the deeper life becomes greater.

Making disciples takes place through many channels. Relationships are built through common connections and similar stations in life. From oral learners to multicultural groups, people of many ages and stages in life share the love of Jesus through relationship to one another.

Oral Learners

Presenting the gospel

Since ancient times, oral societies have passed along important ideas without writing it down. They rely on the spoken word (including its sung and chanted forms) to transfer these vital themes of life from one generation to the next. An oral learner is someone whose most effective or preferred communication and learning method is oral rather than written. An oral culture is typically very relational, sharing their lives with one another.

There are an estimated 4.35 billion people who are oral learners. Most missions work has been done for a literate audience leaving the vast majority of the world unable to connect with the Gospel.

Learn more about our outreach to oral learners.

Multicultural Ministries

Arab ministries

We passionately follow our heavenly Father’s admonition to minister to immigrant populations and love the “alien” (Deut. 10:19) with ministry to Chinese immigrants in San Francisco and Seattle and ministries in Detroit and Dearborn that share the love of Christ with Arab immigrants.

With an estimated ethnic population of 97 million, our borders contain a vast, strategic opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission. U.S. multicultural districts and associations speak 36 languages in C&MA churches and develop culturally appropriate, missionary-sending churches among these populations. For more information, please call us at (719) 265-2053 or e-mail [email protected].

Children’s Ministries

Kids playing in water

What if the Church began to see kids as people—not just the “littles” who run around and steal cookies off the fellowship table—but people who desire God and can facilitate change?

We exist to equip, empower, and encourage Alliance churches worldwide to reach the kids and their families with the love of Jesus. With videos, curriculum, and leader helps, we want to help you succeed as you minister to these precious people with the Jesus’ love.

Visit our Children’s ministry resources page.

Alliance Youth

Alliance youth during worship session

Alliance Youth provides care and support to 2,000-plus Alliance churches across the United States, indirectly serving some 30,000-plus youth in those churches.

C&MA Youth Ministries is committed to cultivating an understanding of God’s heart for the world by offering youth worker training and student events that directly impact the local church. Each training session/event is created to “introduce, develop, and release” students and youth workers to catch a God-given vision for their lives to reach the lost for Christ.

Check out the Alliance Youth Web site for more!

Alliance Women

GCW women meeting

Alliance Women (AW) offers many opportunities for personal connection. Every activity offers women opportunities to grow in our spiritual walks as we relate to one another, listen to each other’s stories, and pray together.

Just as important, AW enables a woman to be used of God to bless others through outreach efforts in her own community and in partnering with Alliance international workers worldwide. Come join us today!

For more information, please visit the AW Web site.

Men’s Disciplemaking

Men in prayer

Men need to grow in their faith journeys with Jesus through community. So Men’s Disciplemaking, a vital ministry of Alliance churches across our country, is more than a Saturday breakfast. It provides opportunities for men to practice their faith through serving together.

An outgrowth of a man’s faith is the chance to use his God-given skills for his community’s benefit. This may include service projects with the people around him or through missions trips to locations around the globe to assist Alliance international workers.

Men’s Disciplemaking partners with Man in the Mirror (a ministry to men) and National Coalition of Ministries to Men. For more information, contact an Alliance church near you.

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