Good News In Hard Places

Relationship building isn’t always easy in a creative-access country. Nonbelievers regard Christians or missionaries suspiciously, unsure about what they offer. But through community outreach centers in several countries, doors are opening to the gospel as Alliance workers demonstrate Christ’s love. English classes, occupational skills enhancement, and food-giveaways are only a few of the services provided by The Alliance in these neighborhood centers. And God is faithful to bring those whose hearts He has prepared to hear the good news.  
As relations grow between Alliance workers and their beneficiaries, small groups are established to discuss and answer questions about God. Many attendees have no spiritual foundation and are members of their cultural religion in name only. It is through these groups that people are introduced to their Savior. 
A “homework” assignment for a small group led by an Alliance worker showed God’s concern for the intimate details in one new believer’s life. Seventeen-year-old Anja loves her family, folk dancing, and studying medicine. Recently, Anja opened her heart to Jesus after her mother led her in a prayer of commitment to the Lord. Life for Anja has not been the same.  
The Alliance worker gave each group member an index card with instructions to write how God answered their prayers during the next week. The purpose of the assignment was to make them aware that He hears their prayers and He is ready to answer.  
Joy and excitement radiated from Anja’s face when she returned the following week. Her card was “full of answered prayers,” says our worker. “When she was sick, God healed her. She prayed to pass her high school exams and received an A+.”


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