A Harrowing Tale

By Alliance workers in Indonesia 

When an earthquake and tsunami hit the south coast of Java this month, our thoughts turned immediately to loved ones who were in harm’s way. It was almost a week before we could get word about their safety because we were away. Upon our return, we learned they survived, though their homes and belongings were washed out to sea.  
     Two mothers had been up to their necks in water, hanging onto their little ones. The women and children were flown to a hospital for recuperation. Meanwhile, the Alliance outreach team is providing relief and sharing God’s comfort.  
     According to reports from the Metro News, 654 people have died, 329 still are missing, and 110,000 are homeless. TV coverage showed residents throwing offerings of food, flowers, and clothing to Nyi Roro Kidul, goddess of the South Sea.  
     The people of Indonesia are asking, “Why is this happening to us?” while followers of Jesus share the good news that He is the Way to God and the Life that overcomes the power of evil.


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