Taking a Christ-Stand

A letter from Palestine

It has been a hard week for the people of Israel, Lebanon, and Palestine. When Israel began pounding Lebanon in retaliation for Hezbollah’s kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers in that country, I knew that a great humanitarian crisis would result.

For Hezbollah, the loss of civilian lives and homes is not a big concern, since most of the guerrilla fighters do not have houses of their own. And if some of their own people are killed in the crossfire, Hezbollah believes they will go to heaven.

In most of the places that Israel has attacked are believers in the Lord Jesus as well as churches that are proclaiming His love, goodness, and peace. There are 100–150 evangelical churches across Lebanon. In most of the places in Israel that Hezbollah could target, there also are Christians who are extending His love, whether they are Jewish or Arab believers in Jesus.

What a trial believers are facing in Israel nowadays! I am deeply concerned for the Christian churches in all of these areas. Wouldn’t this be a concern for every Christian all over the world? Why are we watching the media analyze who is right and who is wrong? Who really sparked the war? Was it Israel, Hezbollah, the Palestinians?

There are many things beyond this immediate portrait. There is the shadow of the evil one, stirring nation against nation and tribe against tribe so that many more people would die and destruction and doom be the portion of this earth.

Where are the prayers against the plans of the enemy? He came to kill and destroy. Jesus came that we might have abundant life (John 10:10). Wouldn’t this be our prayer for Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon—and even the people of Hezbollah? “Lord, pour your Spirit of life on the earth and bring down your peace.” We must not be dismayed by a lot of talk saying the end is coming. Let’s be on our knees for the nations to experience the salvation and peace of Jesus.

As the humanitarian crisis is rising in Lebanon and Palestine, I urge you to support Middle East churches through prayer, encouragement, and asking the Lord how He can use you to stand with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Most churches in Lebanon are open around the clock to assist refugees, and they need your help. Some churches, like ours in the West Bank, are sending teams to provide food for people who are cut off from all sources of supply and where there is more than 70 percent unemployment.

Let’s take a Christ-stand and be concerned for all needy people, no matter their background. Let’s be concerned for the lost, whether military or civilians, whether Israeli, Lebanese, or Palestinian.

(The views expressed in this letter are not necessarily those of The Alliance or CAMA.)


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