Don't Quit!

     At a class hosted by Stan and Connie Hotalen, C&MA missionaries to Republic of the Congo, Celeste learned that it is the privilege of all believers to share their faith. She began sharing her story with neighbors and soon had three house churches started. But without completing ministry training with the Hotalens, Celeste became discouraged and wanted to quit. Then Celeste heard Willy’s testimony when she began meeting with the Hotalens weekly.  
     “Willy had gone from house to house, sharing his story,” the Hotalens said, “and led many people into the Kingdom.” Renewed courage and zeal to proclaim the gospel filled Celeste. “Pray for Celeste as she shares her faith in all the homes of the Vili village,” request the Hotalens. “The Vili people will be reached with the gospel.”  
     Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the  
land . . . (Joshua 1:6).


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