Between Good and Evil

good-evil-1When a very powerful village chief died in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, his funeral was preceded with days of festivities and official greetings by delegations from all over the city. The man held the title of “Chief of Traditional Customs” among the Bobo people, who were covered in leaves and bushes, wearing masks and carrying sticks and whips. “The fear is tangible, and the darkness is palpable,” an Alliance international worker reports. “The masks are physical representations of evil, spiritual powers. People on the street fled into doorways and shops as masked mourners passed with their whips.”

Whether in the crowded streets of Bobo-Dioulasso or in remote “bush” villages, he and his colleague venture into areas unknown to the modern world to proclaim the good news of Jesus. And their message is being well received.good-evil-2

Evangelistic campaigns have yielded many new believers. From Siri to Bangaso, Katana to Temetemeso, the Kenedougou region is experiencing a great movement of the Holy Spirit. The two colleagues have witnessed the younger brother of a village chief commit his life to the Lord, seen the first females in a village trust in Christ, and experienced the euphoria of hundreds of cheering children surround their vehicle, welcoming them to their village.

Recently, a short-term missions team from Salem Alliance Church in Oregon experienced life on the mission field with them. “The Salem youth team’s visit was a great success!” one of the men reports. The team painted and delivered benches to nine village churches and participated in a Bible Club for local children. More than 800 children attended the event.

good-evil-3“I remember the last day of the VBS when we pulled up,” says team member Daniel McConville. “There were probably more than 100 children dancing in circles and singing songs because they saw our van; that was one of the greatest moments of my life. I can’t wait until God sends me back.”

When an Alliance worker went to greet the family of the deceased chief, he was shown a picture of the dead body and then asked to pay money as a gift to the family for having shown him the picture. A highly revered fetish practitioner, the tribal leader had instilled fear and awe in the people.

“Although this chief was very powerful in his life, in his death he has nothing but eternal destruction,” says the worker, who, along with his colleague, mentors national pastors and disciples believers. “So many people in Bobo-Dioulasso are lost in this same darkness that deceives them. Pray with us that many people will come to know Jesus in this city and will be saved from the enemy of their souls.”

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