Alliance Believers Persecuted in Africa

Christians from an Alliance national church in a Guinea, West Africa, village are in the throes of severe persecution because of their faith. Approximately six miles from N’Zao, where CAMA’s Hope Clinic provides medical and dental help for the poor and needy, is Yalenzou, where believers have refused to participate in a traditional religious ritual of “tattooing” young men.  
“They take the young men behind a palm thatch fence and mark their chests with 40–50 cuts that will become permanent scars,” said a CAMA worker. “They say that these are the devil’s teeth marks, and it signifies that they have been killed and eaten by the devil.”  
The Yalenzou church is strong, and the majority of its members refuse to obey orders given by the sect, sparking confrontation between the two religions. The believers also refused to pay fines issued for their refusal to participate in the ritual, knowing that paying the fines would render them subject to the demands of the sect. But their refusal to pay brought about a legal injunction against buying or selling from a Christian. 
“Christians have been stoned and beaten,” said our worker, “and the church was destroyed.” One church member, Jeremy, and his wife were severely beaten when she tried to get water from a well. Jeremy’s brother ran for help, but the crowd stopped police from coming to Jeremy’s rescue. In the shroud of darkness, the couple was able to escape through the crowd and make their way to N’Zao, joining other Christians who found refuge from the persecution with the clinic’s national staff members. 
The national church president met with government authorities, hoping to bring an end to the hostilities against Christians. “But little has been accomplished,” said our worker, “as no official wants to be responsible for a decision. Many belong to the cult and don’t want to risk angering the ‘bush devil.’”  
The Yalenzou believers who found refuge in N’Zao “are not bitter,” said the CAMA worker. “They realize the battle is not against flesh and blood and are praying for those who were responsible for the pain and destruction.”  

Call to Action

The N’Zao, Yalenzou, and Godi churches are meeting Friday, December 12, for an all day prayer and fast. Join them in prayer for protection for national believers who stand firm in their faith in Christ as well as for CAMA workers. Pray for justice through the legal system.


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