Just another Day

By Ken and Kathy Young, serving in Japan

Editor’s note: Hope House was launched by Ken and Kathy Young as a holistic ministry to reach blue collar workers and their families in the Hiroshima region of western Japan. Its focus is on ministering very practically to families of patients in the regional medical center and to Higashi Hiroshima Medical Center personnel. The Youngs envision Hope House as a place of rest for families who have loved ones in the hospital as well as a venue for providing help and education, including the teaching of medical English, to hospital personnel.

Today, when Kathy came back from Hope House, she quipped, “Just another day at work.” This morning she had met with four women for the first time, none of whom have ever had any contact with Christ or the Bible.

When Kathy mentioned “the one and only true living God,” one woman commented that Japanese people have many gods they can turn to for help.  Kathy replied, “We Christians believe in one God who is everywhere all the time and can do anything. It is much easier to believe in one God like that than all those others.” Some of the women perked up, saying they had never heard that before and that one, all-powerful God sounded like a good idea. They seem to want to hear more.

Making History

When Kathy told me about her conversation with those women, an amazing thought occurred to me: they are the first people in the history of their families-maybe in 50 generations-to ever hear the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. When I shared that thought with Kathy, she simply said, “Just another day at work.”

That is one of the amazing thrills of being a cross-cultural, international worker. Every week we make history. Someone hears some aspect of the gospel for the very first time through us. Every missionary who works in a foreign culture experiences this all the time. These history-changing days are “just another day at work” for workers such as us.

Friends, this is what you are a part of as you pray, give, send others, and go yourself to preach the good news to all the nations.

Thank you for praying for us and for Japan. Thank you for giving sacrificially from your heart so that people can hear the good news of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ-people who would otherwise never have a chance to meet Him.

What You Can Do

Please keep praying for the ministries in which Ken and Kathy are involved:

  • Training the next generation of church leaders at the seminary in Hiroshima. The Lord’s church in Japan desperately needs many new leaders immediately.
  • Encouraging those who are already leading the churches in western Japan. These men and women sacrificially give of everything they are and have for the salvation of the Japanese people.
  • Concretely and practically helping those in the Higashi Hiroshima region, especially at Hope House. The Lord is constantly leading the Youngs to people who need to have the good news explained to them and desperately need to experience the Lord’s love in the midst of their troubles.


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