Holland’s Vision for Ministry

 “Europe is one of the biggest mission fields in the world,” says CAMA Zending director Ab Goldberg, who spoke to U.S. National Office workers recently of his vision for the C&MA in Holland. CAMA Zending functions separately from Holland’s C&MA national church but partners with The Alliance as a missionary-sending agency.

Ab has served with the Dutch C&MA for more than 20 years (15 years in Cote d’Ivoire) and credits his ministry accomplishments to the U.S. C&MA. “CAMA Zending owes all to American C&MA missionaries who came to Holland to study Dutch before going on to to what was then our largest colony, Indonesia,” he says. “While they were in Holland, they recruited Dutch to be missionaries, and that is how CAMA Zending was started.

“I tell people that I am who I am because of the C&MA,” Ab says. When asked by former CAMA Zending director Arie Verdujn to consider the position of the agency’s director, Ab says, “I thought they were making a mistake.” Moved by the honor of the offer and wanting to give back to the organization that had served him so well, Ab accepted.  “We don’t always see the effect of it right away, but God’s work through the C&MA goes deep in the hearts of people,” he said.

With 30 missionaries in 11 countries, Ab’s vision for CAMA Zending is a daunting challenge. “European missionaries are ready to go to other parts of the world,” he says. “But it is hard to recruit for Europe.

“When [missionary candidates] come to my office,” says Ab, “I say, ‘Why not Europe?'” Ab believes if European believers don’t see their own continent as a critical mission field, then “we should not go farther on.”

One thing is certain. With Ab’s passion for missions and deep appreciation for The Alliance, his leadership at CAMA Zending will enable many to go and make disciples of all nations, including his own.


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