God’s Protection

By Michelle Davis, serving in Senegal

Editor’s note: Michelle and Brian Davis are busy with language study; they also serve once a month in a ministry center designed to share the good news with Senegal’s largest Unreached People Group, the Wolof. Excerpts follow from their recent newsletter in which Michelle describes a life-altering lesson she learned-from a slip of her finger.

We are very glad that several teachers of the majority religion here have agreed to let their young disciples come to the center monthly for a free meal and health checkup.

Last month, Brian and I had the opportunity to participate in this ministry. The boys recognized us from the previous time and greeted us with warm smiles and hand shakes.

HIV Scare

After Yacoba, the nurse at the center, and I had done two examinations, I scooped up the remaining items on the desk and felt a prick on my finger. It was from a lancet we had used for a hemoglobin test.

We decided it would be best to test the two boys for HIV. If either was positive, I would need to start prophylactic treatment as soon as possible. [If positive, the boys would have had access to free government HIV treatment that is available to Senegal residents.]

God Speaks

During the hours of waiting for the results, God spoke to me.

I had time to grapple with how life might be different for me and my family if I were HIV-positive. I came to a point of being okay with that reality, choosing to trust that God is always good and always in control. I had previously seen His glory, so I chose to trust once again that He would use this situation, whatever the outcome, for His glory.

A Lesson in Dependence

God also revealed to me my need to be dependent upon the people here in Senegal. As I sat waiting, I realized how much I needed the doctors, nurses, and lab technicians. I needed their knowledge, skill, and cooperation.

While we came to Senegal to share the good news of Jesus with the Wolof people, God also called us here to change us. It is the people here, as we grow in relationship with them and learn from them, who will change us and mold us more into the image of Christ.

As the hours passed, I realized God was using the hospital staff (who do not know Jesus) to draw me closer to Himself.

Finally, the time came, and the doctor told us all the HIV tests were negative. We are so thankful.

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Thank the Lord for protecting Michelle, and the two boys tested, from HIV. Petition Him urgently for the millions who are HIV-positive and in need of the hope of the gospel.

Pray also for Christ’s love to be actively demonstrated among the thousands of young boys in Senegal who are being taught the country’s majority religion. Pray for divine opportunities to share the good news with these lost youth.


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