Gabon’s First Air Ambulance Service, Ready for Take-Off

cessnaGabon’s first-ever medical air transport program is about to take-off-on the wings of a Cessna 207.

Pilot Steve Straw, who serves with Air Calvary, ordered the pre-owned, single-engine aircraft this summer. It will provide air service for Alliance-run Bongolo Hospital in the West African nation, thanks to a partnership between Air Calvary, Bongolo Hospital, and The Alliance Chretienne au Gabon ( the national Alliance church in Gabon).

Following months of painstaking rebuilding, the eight-seat aircraft will begin its transatlantic journey to the West African nation toward the end of November. Straw is an ordained C&MA pastor and his wife is the director of a Libreville-based guest house.

October 24 Commissioning Ceremony

“To start the airplane’s service off on the right foot,” said Straw, “we’re holding a Commissioning Ceremony and Open House at CXY Aviation, Capital City Airport, in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, October 24, from 1 to 3 p.m.”

In his open invitation to the landmark event, Straw exclaimed: “We hope that you can make plans to be at the commissioning service as the aircraft makes a stop on its way to Africa. Come climb behind the controls, take pictures, meet other supporters, buy a T-shirt, and pray the airplane on its way!”

Special thanks, he concluded, go to York Alliance Church for facilitating the commissioning ceremony and to CXY Aviation for hosting the October 24 event.

Fit for Service

Outfitting the aircraft for its new venture has been a labor of love. Work teams in Arkansas and Oklahoma stripped the plane down to its frame before installing more than $20,000 in avionics equipment, as well as a new engine and propeller that were given by an anonymous donor. A new paint job provided the finishing touch.

Plenty of luggage room, a storage compartment just behind the engine, and a cargo pod under the airplane further complement the plane’s commissioning to Gabon for its noble service.

Learn More

Read more about our current work in Gabon at Bongolo Hospital.

See a slideshow Steve Straw compiled, which chronicles the months of work required to outfit the Cessna 207 for its new mission. Note: Clicking on this link will take you off of the C&MA Web site.

What You Can Do

In your prayers, give thanks to God for this first-ever air ambulance service to the Gabonese people. Pray also that the aircraft will have a safe flight and for the brand new air ambulance program’s success.

Because of the Great Commission Fund, Alliance workers are able to provide life-giving care to many who are lost in Gabon and around the world. Please consider giving a donation today.


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