Bongolo Hospital Welcomes Cessna 207

Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, West Africa, received a belated Christmas gift on December 30, 2009. “Today, Air Calvary’s Cessna 207 arrived at Lebamba, the town where the Bongolo Hospital is located,” Alliance workers in Gabon reported.

The single-engine, eight-seat aircraft will provide air ambulance service for the hospital-the first such service in this West African nation.  

Although the Cessna had arrived in-country the previous week, it was reportedly delayed in arriving at the hospital because of paperwork that had to be completed in Libreville, Gabon’s capital city. “Many went to the airport to welcome pilot Steve Straw and his family after their two-hour flight from Libreville,” staff workers said.

Steve, who serves with Air Calvary, ordered the pre-owned, single-engine aircraft last summer. He worked throughout the fall to refit and rebuild it for its new mission in West Africa. Steve is an ordained C&MA pastor, and his wife, Alace, is the director of a Libreville-based guest house.

The life-saving ambulance service is the culmination of more than six years of prayer and a successful partnership between Air Calvary, Bongolo Hospital, and The Alliance Chretienne au Gabon (the national Alliance church in Gabon).

What You Can Do

In your prayers, thank the Lord for the Cessna’s successful transatlantic flight. Pray for the success of the new air service and that it will open additional doors to share the good news with many who need to hear about the eternal hope found only in Christ Jesus.  

Because of your gifts to the  Great Commission Fund, Alliance workers are able to provide life-giving care to many lost people in Gabon and around the world. Please consider giving a donation today.

Learn More

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Watch for Alace’s story in an upcoming issue of Alliance Life.


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