Lack of Food, Medicines Curtail Alliance-Supported Hospital Relief Efforts

More than 107,000 refugees have fled into the Likouala region in northeastern Republic of the Congo since October 2009 due to ethnic fighting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Alliance international workers on the ground report that all agencies providing relief in the Likouala area have been stretched beyond their capacity to meet the crushing needs. Medical workers at Pioneer Christian Hospital (PCH), which partners with The Alliance, continue to labor around the clock to care for the wounded.

Critical shortages of food and medicines are further hampering relief efforts. A lack of rain has contributed to decreased local food production and additionally made it impossible for necessary supplies to be shipped via the Ubangui River, which has receded. The Ubangui borders the DRC and northeastern Republic of the Congo.

Dr. Joseph and Rebecca Harvey, with Global Outreach Mission, established the 50-bed Pioneer Christian Hospital in January 2006. A number of short-term missions teams from Alliance churches have helped to construct the 30-building facility that is situated on a 17-acre campus. The hospital is an integral part of the Congo missionary community.

What You Can Do

Pray for . . . 

  • the fighting in the DRC to cease
  • food and medicines to reach relief agencies, including PCH, to treat and assist the  wounded
  • the Lord’s abundant protection, strength, and wisdom for PCH medical workers
  • rains to fall across the embattled region 
  • hospital workers to boldly proclaim the love of Christ to those who seek help

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