Team Isaan: God’s Light in a Dark Place

Editor’s Note: Team Isaan is an Alliance church-planting initiative among the largely unreached Isaan people of northeast Thailand. The Alliance has a long history of ministry to this group dating back to 1929. Because of that investment, today there are approximately 30,000 Isaan believers in 650 local churches from various denominations. Team Isaan was mobilized to help bring Christ’s message of salvation to the 2.5 million people among this group who have not yet heard.

A prison ministry has been introducing many incarcerated people to the gospel, and they are evangelizing their home villages upon their release. EQ, a former inmate who now serves with Team Isaan, has led at least 12 people in his home village to the Lord. In the following excerpt from the team’s recent prayer updates, read about how God continues to use EQ and other former prisoners to spread the good news near and far.

It has been more than a year since Don was released from Sawang Daen Din (SDD) prison to return to his home country, which is closed to traditional missionary work. He received Christ while participating in the second men’s group at SDD and had a hungry heart to learn more about God throughout his remaining time in prison. He has been in touch with us ever since.

About a month ago, Don called to tell us about the spiritual harvest field he found upon arriving in his country of origin. He said there are 12 families eager to learn about the Creator God. He asked Montri, another former prisoner who ministers with our team, to send a CD of his music so that Don can use the songs to teach these seekers about who God is. We hope to send Montri and EQ to visit Don in the New Year in order to encourage him and also to implement a plan to train him for what the Lord is calling him to do.

 A Life Prolonged

 Meanwhile, God continues to work through EQ to point his family to the hope that Jesus offers. In late November, EQ went with some of his relatives to visit his uncle, who was on the brink of death. The doctors had told his family to take him home to die in peace because there was nothing they could do for him. He was not eating and couldn’t even talk, so it was clear that the end of his life was imminent. In addition, many family members had dreamed about a black dog eating his spirit; according to folklore, this meant he was about to die.

 When EQ heard about this dream, he prayed a spiritual warfare prayer over his uncle. In just a short time, he began to talk a little. Once EQ and his family had returned home, they heard from his uncle’s household that his condition was improving to the point that he had started to eat. He continued to grow stronger and eventually said that he believes in God. This caused a big stir among the other family members, who welcomed EQ back to their village. EQ brought his mother and several other believers to the village, and she shared how God has been changing her life.

Although EQ’s uncle eventually died of cancer, God’s power has still been recognized as legitimate. The local witchdoctors had predicted that his uncle would die three weeks ago, and the hospital doctors had said he would last only about two weeks. The Lord God sustained him for about one month against all odds. We still have hope that his family members will receive Jesus into their hearts after they have had time to grieve. Please continue to pray that God will open the door in this place that is a dark stronghold of the enemy.

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  • that the family of EQ’s uncle will be drawn to Jesus and receive His gift of eternal life
  • that Team Isaan’s ministry will continue to lead lost people to new life in Christ
  • that new believers such as Don will be trained for leadership and have a lasting impact for God’s Kingdom

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