Alliance Team Assessing Winter Losses in Western Mongolia

winter2Mongolia’s worst winter in some 20 years has caused disaster conditions in parts of this vast nation tucked between Russia and China.

“Many herders in Mongolia’s western regions have lost most, or all of their livestock and, thus, their livelihoods,” says Brent Liberda, who serves with The Alliance in Mongolia. “In many areas, animal losses average 90 percent.”

Brent is joining an assessment team headed to western Mongolia’s Hovd area (March 23-30) on behalf of Compassion and Missionary Associates (CAMA), the relief and development arm of the C&MA. Plans are to evaluate losses in this hard-hit area and distribute aid to the families and communities with the greatest needs.

“Now with the thaw, there is danger of losing homes to flash floods,” says Jeremy Fields, who serves with CAMA in Mongolia.

Team members include Brent Liberda, Jeremy Fields, Dawaa (a Mongolian pastor/CAMA worker in Darhan), and Suhee (Brent’s former language teacher).

Brent is traveling with Suhee to help meet the needs in Suhee’s hometown, Zereg. “His contacts and knowledge of the area will greatly benefit in navigating the terrain and reaching the families who are most in need,” says Brent. Suhee has served as a representative for his home region in the Darhan urban area, coordinating relief efforts among national and foreign aid organizations.

Jeremy and Dawaa (the latter is originally from near the town of Hovd) will remain in Hovd to coordinate supplies and relief efforts. Both hope to travel to a nearby town to establish relationships-through the relief efforts-among individuals and families with whom they can follow-up. The Alliance plans to begin new ministries in this area in summer 2010.

“This project has emerged rather quickly, and we are embarking with little time for planning, so please pray for us as we go!” Brent concludes.

Watch the inspiring video, “A Two-Handed Gospel[duration, 4:14], which includes Jeremy Fields introducing Dawaa and his powerful ministry among the poor in Darhan, Mongolia.

Learn More

Read the article “Mongolian Winter Worst in Two Decades,” for more about the dire situation in Mongolia and the needs of the poor.  

Check out CAMA.

What You Can Do

Donate to Mongolian relief efforts.

Pray also for . . .

  • Wisdom and discernment among team members making plans and decisions prior to, and during, their time in the Hovd area
  • Beneficial connections with families in need and that the team can be a blessing to them; also for the team members’ families while they are away 


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