Guinea’s Post-Election Violence Increasing

By an Alliance worker, serving in Guinea

Since Guinea’s election results were announced Monday evening, things have gotten progressively more “hot” here.

The two major ethnic groups—aligned separately with the two respective candidates running in the presidential election—have been in conflict. Up in the mountains, the Fula people [also referred to as the “Peul”] have burned the houses of some Malinka people, chasing some of them out of their homes.  

Violent Confrontations

In Conakry [Guinea’s capital city] the youth have been out protesting, and the forces of order have had a hard time controlling the situation. Some have reported security forces responding to the demonstrators with overly harsh treatment. A number of people have been killed in the confrontations. 

Because of the confrontations, the president has declared a state of emergency so that the military can help the police control the situation.

Prayer Retreat Still On

We are feeling safe at home; the people are as friendly toward us as always. We have a prayer retreat scheduled to start tomorrow (November 18-21), and we hope to continue with these plans.

People around us are scared and lack the basic necessities. Sekou* [a Fula man whom this Alliance worker is discipling] called me, letting me know he was using up his last bit of rice today. Although he’s been paid, he can’t cash the check at the bank since the banks are closed. Even if he had money, the stores are all closed out of fear that the merchandise will be stolen. Additionally, he lives in a “hot” neighborhood. When the police break up a demonstration, they often chase the kids into the neighborhoods, entering the courtyards of innocent families. 

*Name changed.

What You Can Do

“Pray for the people of Guinea during these challenging times,” says our Alliance worker. “Pray for us as we seek to help those around us. Pray that God’s people here would be lights that shine forth God’s love brightly!”

Donate to Alliance Great Commission Ministries. In doing so you stand with Alliance workers worldwide, many of whom face daunting challenges representing Christ among those who don’t know Him.

Learn More

“For a good analysis of the deteriorating situation, read “Conflict Risk Alert: Guinea,” an Alliance leader in Africa said this week. “Thank you for continuing to pray for this nation.” Note: Clicking on this URL will take you off of the C&MA Web site.


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