Count Your Blessings

floodThis Thanksgiving, believers are challenged to reflect on God’s blessing in their lives in a message from Alliance international workers Soeuth and Syna Lao, serving in Cambodia. The Laos are church planters in Poipet, where a recent monsoon caused local devastation to homes and rice fields, the only food source for many. In humility, the Laos met with believers who have lost everything and continue to praise God in the midst of their suffering.

After three days of heavy rains, most areas of Poipet, Cambodia were under water. The roads were still muddy and filled with puddles a week later, and, as predicted, all vegetation and thousands of hectares of rice fields (in the northwest regions) were destroyed. Normally, the rice farmers begin preparation of fields for transplanting at the beginning of the rainy season, June to August. Once the fields are prepared and the rice is transplanted, the farmers wait with much anticipation, hoping and praying for good crops at the harvest time, which is in November and December. But this year, flooding brought only devastation and despair.

During a house church service in Ang Salaa, may people gave praise and thanksgiving to God in spite of their losses. One woman gave thanks to God for His provision when her family had nothing to eat. During her time of need, God allowed her son to find a few extra fat frogs, so she could prepare a tasty meal for her hungry family!

burningImmediately following the service, while preparing a potluck meal for the small congregation, we were invited to lead a couple, Ang and Chin, to give their lives to Jesus. The couple had heard about Jesus through believers in Ang Salaa, like Polly and Mou, owners of the house where the church meets. Ang and Chin had wanted to come to Christ for a long time, but were hesitant due to fear of persecution. Finally, they decided to give their lives completely to Jesus, allowing Him to be their Lord and Savior! With their permission, we cut off two spirit strings from around their waists, helped the couple remove fetishes, shrines, and other worship articles from high places, and burned the worship articles in front of their friends and neighbors! It was a joyous moment for the couple. The wife, said, “I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders!” Please pray for this couple as they will soon face persecution and opposition from unbelieving relatives and neighbors.

Back at the house church, everyone was busy spreading plastic tarps and mats on the ground and putting food on dishes. A number of families had brought many different kinds of desserts and dishes of simple yet very delicious home-cooked food, including curry stuffing grilled frogs! It is a great and humble experience for us to dine with local villagers, a great reminder for us to appreciate and be thankful for the many blessings that God has generously given us, daily.

The truth is, we were deeply saddened by the devastating results of the recent flood. Without warning, the flood came and caused much damage, but our home was spared. Hundreds of families did not share the same blessing as we. This is a very hard and testing time for all of us. We may not have all the answers, but we can only trust in the One who knows the plans He has for us.

As you are celebrating Thanksgiving this month, please take a moment to count the many blessings He has done in your life. What are you thankful for this year?

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What You Can Do

Pray that the Cambodian people in Poipet will understand Jesus’ love for them and their need to trust in Him. Also, pray for Alliance workers as they shine the light of Jesus into spiritual darkness through various outreaches in Cambodia.

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