Remembering His Mercies

By Jeremy and Renee Bergevin, serving in Mongolia

The following is an adapted excerpt from a Thanksgiving—day update written by the Bergevins. After the couple completed two years of studying the Mongolian language in June, they wrote: “Our team-led by God to expand westward—asked us to consider moving to a small town in another state, a three hour drive [from the capital city]. Housing for a family of five (number six born in October) with indoor plumbing was not to be found, so in July we began building a house . . .”

It’s a bit strange to be preparing a meal in Mongolia centered on a rotund American turkey—most people don’t even consider chicken a meal here—but that’s what we’re doing.  

We’re hoping that the friends who’ve been planning to join us for Thanksgiving will arrive, in spite of some snow in the past few days that has fallen on the 300 miles of blacktop they are traveling from the capital.

Cold and the Fear of God

The weather has now hit that “so-cold-it-hurts” point. You walk around thinking: “Is my face going to hurt more than this when it thaws out?” It’s the time when if you’re doing something outside that necessitates taking off your gloves for a minute, your hands immediately begin to burn. 

Weather this severe can put the fear of God into you. And it can also make you more thankful for the simple things not everyone is fortunate to have. God is always blessing, and we’re thankful for a holiday dedicated to remembering all of His mercies.

We give thanks for . . .

A warm house and a mild autumn that enabled us to once again slowly adjust to Mongolia’s extreme cold!

God’s guidance and blessing—we have just begun renting a building for public worship. Our English service is followed an hour later by a Mongolian service; God brought new acquaintances interested in English to both of our inaugural meetings on Sunday!

For the prayers of God’s people—our fellow Kingdom workers have approached the throne boldly on our behalf for His glory!

A good transition into Mongolian language and culture, and the family He has granted us with which to walk through this together!

The Thanksgiving turkey some teammates found in the capital and delivered to us here, and the families who will join us to celebrate the holiday!

Our neighbor, Ingxee, who helps around the house a few hours each day and frees up Renee’s schedule to teach and be a mom! God heard and answered our prayer!

Two groups who meet once a week for our Theological Education by Extension course—God literally brought them to our door! We have opportunity to refresh our Mongolian language, studying along with them.

God bless those who generously and sacrificially give to the Alliance Great Commission Fund so people all over the world have a chance to meet their Creator—who provides them with everything-and become His beloved children through Jesus.

Praise the Lord for His provision and care—all of His ways are just and right. May you be blessed during this special season of thankfulness! 

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Check out the Bergevin’s C&MA Web site to read more about their first several months settling into their new home and neighborhood in western Mongolia.


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