Light—the Absence of Darkness

By Jane Landaw, serving in Japan

In recent months, we have witnessed the hand of God moving powerfully in Japan. The Lord is plainly manifesting Himself so that the light of Jesus can penetrate the hearts of people who have been steeped in spiritual darkness all their lives. This is happening because thousands of people are praying for the Japanese people, asking God to allow the Light to reign victorious.

“I realized I was such a sinner and needed Jesus and His forgiveness,” said Yoko Haga, our friend in her 40s, as she made her commitment to Jesus Christ public through baptism on September 22. For six years she has attended Yachiyo (Alliance) Church. She is no longer bound to the darkness of Buddhism and the threats from her family to make sure she never became a Christian. By the power of the Holy Spirit, she accepted God’s gift of eternal life and is now living for Jesus every day, amazed by His power and guidance. Her spiritual growth is remarkable. Her journey toward God involved many believers who persevered in prayer.  Sachiyo, her close friend and a seeker who witnessed the baptism, surprised us all by standing up and saying, “I feel God’s power, and I will be the next one to be baptized.”

Basking in the Light

Chiaki was the first in the Takashimizu family to accept Christ. A life of hopelessness and unanswered questions from other religions brought her to church searching for “Truth,” and she accepted Jesus. Chiaki’s father, then her mother-who were on the verge of divorce-came to Jesus.  What a powerful God we serve.

Miracle after miracle began happening in this family, as members were released from habitual gambling and other vices. Chiaki also led others to Christ. She works for Gideon Bibles, Japan, and her parents are Gideons and leaders in Tama (Alliance) Church. For the past 20 years, their commitment to Jesus has deepened.

Yoko and Naoko, two other members of the Takashimizu family, both in their 40s, had been exposed to the faith of their parents and sister but did not want any part of this “religion.” But, through the power of prayer, both women bowed in repentance last summer and accepted Jesus. They are basking in the light of Christ, and their growth is evident.

Last summer, we were touched to meet Hikaru, a teenager in the Shibuya (Alliance) Church’s worship team, who has used his musical talent for God’s Kingdom. Giftedly strumming the guitar, he led Sunday worship in July. He was also one of 11 young people who took a short-term missions trip to the Philippines in August. Many were praying for this outreach. God reached out His hand and used these young people who joined with other believers in an evangelistic crusade. On their return to Japan, the team reported that 2,000 came to Christ. Since then, Hikaru’s testimony has touched many as he has asked God to use him to spread the light of Jesus after returning to Japan. 

A Lasting Legacy

Throughout Japan, God is calling people of all ages to Himself. Mrs. Muroya (in her 80s) attended Kawaguchi (Alliance) Church in April with her Christian daughter. A Buddhist, Mrs. Muroya was hearing new “Truth.”  Little did she know that in three months, she would be diagnosed with cancer and told that she had one month to live. The seed of the gospel had been sown in her heart. Because of faithful prayer that she would step out of darkness, she began to open her heart to Jesus, resulting in a sweet salvation experience.  She then said, “Even though I’m in the hospital, can I please be baptized?” She was baptized. Her life on this earth ended in August, but her testimony lives on as she told her family she wanted a Christian funeral, not a Buddhist one. Praise God for scores of Buddhist relatives who heard about the Light of the World, Jesus, who loves them. We continue to pray that the darkness will be pushed back in their lives, too.

These are salvation stories. They continue. In addition, church families have trusted God in major ways as they stepped out and purchased their own buildings, where crosses are prominently displayed. Bible Study groups are seeing marked increase in attendance.

Praise God for His Light—the absence of darkness. When prayers are lifted up for the darkness to be pushed back, the results are beyond all we could or imagine. Praise and glory be to God, who IS Light.

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