Japan Update: God Is in This

By Harry Landaw, team lead with Japan Alliance Mission

We are still having a number of aftershocks. In fact, I feel one right now. All churches in the non-affected areas are working hard to continue their assistance to the churches and Christians in the northeastern region. For those of us in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area, ministry continues with many more opportunities to share with people about the uncertainties of life and the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a great time of opportunity for us to share the gospel message with people who seemed too busy to listen prior to March 11. Now, however, they are listening intently to what we have to share from God’s Word.

Thank you for your prayers for those who are suffering from the earthquake and tsunami devastation in Japan’s northeastern region. Thank you, also, for your donations which are coming in through CAMA, the relief arm of The Alliance. Your donations are being sent to CRASH Japan (Christian Relief Assisting Support and Hope), the relief organization here in Japan with which we are partnering. Our Alliance team here is partnering with CRASH, volunteering to do whatever we can to help at the command center located near us in the Tokyo area.

As the days go by, we are hearing many interesting and amazing stories of God’s protection. Pastor Itoh, president of Japan Alliance Church, has a son who is a surgeon in Fukushima Prefecture, where they are having problems with the nuclear reactor. When the March 11 earthquake struck, Pastor Itoh’s son was performing surgery on a patient when the electricity went off. All life support systems shut down, and there was panic as everyone scrambled to start generators that had hardly been used.

Praise God that Pastor Itoh’s son was able to safely complete the surgery without lights and life support systems. Because he is a doctor, he has remained in the Fukushima area near the nuclear reactor, but his wife and children have been evacuated to Yokohama and are staying with Pastor and Mrs. Itoh. Please pray for Pastor Itoh’s son, Taisuke, as he has remains in the radioactive region around the nuclear plant to help people who are hospitalized.

It is an awesome task that we have before us and our human resources are so limited. It is only as we partner together with other like-minded churches and missionary organizations here that we can ever expect to have a lasting impact on this needy country.

Please continue to pray with us as we consider how to use our resources in the best possible manner. We are confident that there will be many who come to a saving knowledge of Jesus as a result of this tragedy. Thank you for your prayers for each member of our team as we come alongside our Japanese friends and point them to Jesus, the only One who can calm the storms that come into our lives.

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