“The Greatest Opportunity of this Century”

“Vast areas in North Africa have not a single Christian witness and no established church whatsoever,” an Alliance worker there reports. In response, a portion of the funds received from 2011 Great Commission Sunday (GC Sunday) offerings will go toward sharing the liberating truth of the good news in this troubled region. 

“Since the recent political uprisings in North Africa, curious people have had more freedom to inquire about spiritual things,” says an Alliance worker, who is helping to form teams to meet with interested people. “Responses from TV, radio, and Web sites are unprecedented! As a result, we’re having a hard time keeping up with the demand!”

Meanwhile, many faith-based organizations are assisting with relief efforts to address the great needs of those fleeing war-torn countries by the tens of thousands. “The task is huge!” our worker observes. “Many people are necessary to care for the overwhelming needs of these displaced people.”

Noting that less than 1 percent of people in North Africa have had a chance to hear the good news, David Thompson, a medical doctor who has served more than 30 years in West Africa, says:

“The deepest need of people . . . is to know Jesus as their Savior, the One who loves them and died for them . . . We now face the greatest opportunity we have seen this century to bring the liberating truth of the gospel to more than 300 million people. Let’s not lose this chance. Let’s seize the day!”

How You Can Help

Pray for more workers to take the liberating truth to North Africa—and be open to becoming the answer to your prayers!

Give to the 2011 GC Sunday offering; partner with Alliance workers to share the gospel in places like North Africa, where less than 1 percent of the population has access to the good news.

Learn More

Want to know more about GC Sunday? Check out a Q&A that explains this annual Alliance event and our 2011 focus. The article is published in the April 2011 issue of Alliance Life.


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