Salif’s Fear

wp-images1by Jessica Schaeffer, RN, serving at Koutiala Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Mali, West Africa

The following is an adapted excerpt from Jessica’s recent update.

Last week, four of our patients (current and former) were at my church. None of them would probably have ever stepped foot into a church had it not been for the love and care they received at our hospital.

Salif came to our hospital looking for help about six months ago. He is 18 years old, so he was just able to slide into the pediatric ward. His case intrigued us.

Chronic Infection

The teenager had been in a moped accident two years ago and broken the bone in his thigh (femur); it had been casted and had healed. Well, mostly healed. Except for the piece of bone that stuck out through his skin and was chronically infected.

Salif had also lost mobility in his knee because he was told not to bend it. In January, a visiting surgeon to Koutiala hospital removed the dead bone fragment and closed the wound.

Movie Quotes

Salif spent a lot of time watching Christian films during his hospital stay. When he had to return to the operating room for surgery a second time, he woke up from anesthesia quoting from the JESUS film!

Ever since his discharge from the hospital, Salif has come to church with me. When I am traveling, he walks to church on his own. And he visits us a few times a week at the hospital. He had to drop out of school after his injury two years ago, so he has a lot of time on his hands.

Hunger for the Word

He and his friend, Talbi, (who attends a school that teaches the predominant religion in Mali) are reading the Bible together. The first few Bibles we gave to Salif had to be replaced because interested family members also wanted to read them.

Although he is permitted to go to church, Salif is afraid of how his father will react if he takes the step to become a Christian—especially while he is still living with his family. Pray that God will continue His work in Salif and Talbi’s hearts, and that they will be made new in Jesus.

And thanks SO much to each of you who are making it possible for me to serve here because of your generosity in giving to the Great Commission Fund.  

What You Can Do

“Pray for Salif and Talbi as they continue to seek,” Jessica requests. “Pray also for daily wisdom and strength in my role at the hospital; it feels like I don’t have enough time to accomplish all of the things that need to be accomplished, as well as other ministry I want to be involved in.”

Give to the Great Commission Fund. Partner with Alliance workers, like Jessica, to introduce children and their families to Christ’s eternal hope.  

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