“Manna” from Heaven

Miracle Baby Born to Couple Advised to Abort

eqEQ and Jaeng were devastated when, after Jaeng’s first trimester check-up, the doctor informed them that they had a blood disorder that would cause their unborn baby to be born with many physical and health problems. The doctor also told them that they would probably never have a healthy child together. He advised them to have an abortion.  

The couple serves with Friends of Isaan (also known as Team Isaan), a group of Alliance international workers and national colleagues who minister to the Isaan people in northeast Thailand. Both had received Christ through the team’s ministry in the Sawang Daen Din prison. EQ had been imprisoned for being involved in a gang fight. After accepting Jesus as his Savior, he was released and brought the message of truth home to his family and village.  He wanted to get married but didn’t know any Christian women who weren’t closely related to him.

Jaeng received Christ while in a women’s group at the prison and was baptized at the same time EQ was. She was released about a year and a half after EQ was freed. Her home village was near EQ’s, and since there was no Christian group in her own village, she joined the group of believers in his village so she could have Christian fellowship. Not long after, in October 2010, they married. They received training as church planters and have been working with Team Isaan’s mushroom enterprise.

Trust and Obey

After hearing that the doctor had advised the couple to abort their child, Alliance international workers Jon and Joy Chase—who also serve with Team Isaan—asked the Alliance family to pray. “Then one day I talked with EQ and Jaeng about the difference between man and God,” says Jon. “I told them that the doctor was a man, and he only knows so much and can only do so much. As for God, His power and love have no limits. Even if they had the baby and it was not totally healthy, God would provide the grace they would need, and the child would be a blessing accordingly. After hearing this truth, they decided to trust God and not man. They chose to trust in God’s will for them and their baby by not having an abortion.

“With each appointment after that, EQ and Jaeng saw how God answered their faithfulness as the baby grew stronger without any noticeable defects. After their four month check-up, the doctor said that the baby was perfectly fine and there was no need to worry. This caused EQ to think of the name ‘manna’—because this child was a great blessing to them from God.”  

Defying the doctor’s initial prognosis, little Manna was born a healthy and completely normal baby girl. “Today, we are all praising the Lord as we get to see Manna in person, growing stronger every day,” say the Chases. “With great wonder, we look forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do in and through her life in the years to come.”

Learn More

Read “The Light of God” in the September 1, 2010, issue of alife.

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