Illness a Prescription for Young Man’s Calling

wp-images1By Lisa Nicky, RN, serving at Bongolo Hospital, Gabon, West Africa

The following story is an adapted excerpt from Lisa’s recent newsletter entitled “Together With You.”

I could hardly believe it when I heard that a short-term summer team comprised of rehabilitation specialists, including a physical and occupational therapist, was coming to Bongolo! Since their arrival, I’ve been translating for the team (and learning from them!) as they’ve worked to improve the quality of life for our patients who are weakened by disease and trauma.

Davy, who is in his early 20s, suffers from hemophilia (a bleeding disorder in which it takes a long time for the blood to clot). Recently, he came to us completely paralyzed after a fall that caused bleeding to his cervical spine. I remember praying with him and his family often that first week and asking him a question that I typically ask my patients, “Do you believe God can help you recover from this?”

His answer was a determined and heartfelt, “Yes!”

Timing is Everything!

Little by little, Davy regained the use of his arms and his legs. (You can continue to pray for him, as he is still quite weak.) Once again I see God’s perfect timing in that we have rehabilitation specialists to work with him daily during the period in which he is most in need of their expertise.

It was a great joy recently when Davy said, “Madame Lisa, I plan to be a part of the next class of nurses at Bongolo Hospital!” Isn’t it just like God to use a difficult disease and accident to inspire a young man to serve as a nurse for His Kingdom?

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