The Battle Rages

By Brad Reynolds, serving in Léguevin, France

Over the course of the week, the enemy has waged a battle at Eglise Protestante Internationale (EPI) as we prepared for three baptisms and a child dedication. Two of our young boys have been hurt in accidents; one wears a cast on his arm, and another has a cast on his leg. A mother of four is now in the hospital due to blood clots in her lungs. Two families in our church discovered snakes (yes, even in France) in their kitchens. Then Tina came home the night before our service and said, “The pool is leaking, and it’s bad.”

We quickly gathered up towels and a bucket and headed back to the church, fearing the worst. As we emptied the pool, we wondered what we were going to do the next morning. Now a leaking pool is not a reason to be too upset, but, in addition to the previous events of the week, we were both troubled. As the night approached, the darkness seemed strong. After a sleep, I went into our garden to pray. It was time to do battle with the enemy. Because Jesus is the Victor, I was able to tell the “unwelcome guest” to go to the feet of Jesus.

The Battle Is the Lord’s

At the worship service, the Lord’s hand was evident. The sanctuary was full. It was so encouraging to pray for little Eloise, whose parents and six brothers and sisters stand committed to raising her with the Lord. And the three people who were baptized gave testimony to what God had done in their lives.

Pascale grew up in a difficult home and is going through a divorce. She came to know Jesus 20 years ago, while living in England, but it was only when she decided to become a member of EPI that she had to address baptism because of her fear of going under water. Emily, the sister of Eloise, made the choice recently that her mom’s faith wasn’t good enough; she needed to make it her own. Patrick, Emily’s younger brother, just turned 18. Over the past year, he has begun leading worship at EPI, and God has been speaking to his heart about making Jesus first in his life.

We rejoiced with applause as the baptized came up from the water, honoring Jesus. And, yes, Pascale trusted God as she allowed herself to be submerged under water. It was only after her baptism that she told everyone of her fear. Once again, applause came for her courage and her determination to follow Jesus even in the hard place.

This Battle Has Been Won

EPI is Jesus’ church, and we raise up His banners. Our worship was enthusiastic as we celebrated the Lord of all. Please pray for little Eloise who was dedicated to Jesus, as well as for Pascale, Emily, and Patrick to walk courageously and boldly in a society that is often indifferent to their faith. Among those present was a woman visiting for the first time. After 22 years in a cult, she recently walked out and gave her heart to Jesus. We praise God for her decision—redeemed fruit from the enemy’s camp. Though our adversary, the devil, tried to distract us, he did not succeed in keeping us from declaring God’s might works in our midst.   

What You Can Do

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