More than 200 Senegalese Make Decisions for Christ

The following is an adapted excerpt from an update by Dakar Academy staff, Evan and Jewel Evans, about the 2011 Thanksgiving weekend outreach in Senegal.

Outreach Summary:

  • 1,000 people in 4 villages reached in evening evangelism campaigns; more than 200 decisions to follow Christ
  • Children’s outreach team ministered to some 2,000 people in 10 villages
  • Drama team ministered in 10 villages (“Best response ever!”)
  • One church foundation dug and poured
  • 573 bricks made by hand
  • 1,800 liters of water pump-filtered by hand
  • Mural painted in the village church of Diofane
  • Inside of church painted in Bikol
  • 283 patients treated by medical team
  • 20 benches built by work crew
  • Food crew fed 150 people 6 meals

GOD KNEW That . . .

Our medical team would encounter some difficult medical cases, so He sent us a doctor and a nurse from the United States to join us this year

Our water filtration system would break down, so He “just happened” to send us a brand new one with students from the States who joined the outreach

We would have three generators break down, but a first-time team member, who “just happened” to be a mechanic, was able to repair all three

Although we questioned why there was a last minute change of villages to conduct an evening campaign, an important person attended who committed his life to Christ. (A few others joined him after some time.) We had seen greater responses to the gospel in previous outreaches, but imagine our joy when we learned later that night that the first man who accepted Christ was the village chief!


What You Can Do

Praise God for the successful outreach! Pray for the new believers to grow strong in their faith and for Alliance workers the world over.

Donate to the Great Commission Fund. In doing so, you partner with workers like Evan and Jewel to share the Light of Christ with those who live in spiritual darkness.


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