Being Light in a Dark Land

By Penny Iverson, serving in Taiwan

Every now and then, something happens that makes me EXTREMELY glad that God placed us here in what seems to be a spiritually dark place. Today as I was walking home from church, two elementary school girls were coming toward me on a bike. As they drew closer, they stopped. The one in front said, “Teacher, why did Jesus die on a cross?”

Just like that—right out of the blue! And these are not even kids who come to our church activities. What a joy it was to stop in the street and explain the miracle of Jesus’ atonement for our sins.

I kept my answer pretty brief. They smiled and said, “Thank you,” and they were on their way again. I see these girls often; one mom who at the betel nut* stand next to our church.

This incident, so random and matter of fact, it is exactly how we see our ministry here. Many people have no interest in Jesus, and therefore much of our work involves being light by representing Him to those around us. We seldom find someone who is ready to hear the whole gospel and respond. But as we live here and serve our community, people begin to trust us and recognize Christ in us. Then they start to ask questions, and more questions, and their hearts begin to open.

Sunday’s encounter showed me that the Holy Spirit has begun to open the hearts of these two girls with a hunger to know more. It’s a first step, and I believe that the Spirit will continue to draw them to Jesus.

*a seed that is valued as a mild stimulant and for its medicinal properties

What You Can Do


  • Pray that the girls whom Penny encountered will start attending the church’s Saturday kids’ ministry. Pray that God will continue to use the Iversons to BE LIGHT among those walking in darkness.
  • Join with thousands of people who lift up the weekly Alliance prayer requests.


  • Make a donation to the Great Commission Fund and partner with Alliance workers, like those in Taiwan, in bringing the good news to people trapped in spiritual darkness.
  • Give now

Learn More

  • Check out the G.C. Kidz Club! With online games, stories, Bible studies, and more, the G.C. Kidz Club is a place where you and the children in your life can learn more about Alliance missions. Also, they will be challenged to live out Jesus’ Great Commission in their own lives.
  • Check out how your church can begin a Ministry Partnership with overseas Alliance workers.
  • Read more stories of God at work through Alliance ministries.
  • Watch for a Prayer Life item from the Iversons in the September 1 issue of Alliance Life magazine.


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