Prayer Diverts Typhoon; Children’s Camp a Success

By Penny Iverson, serving in Taiwan

Last week, in preparation for a camp at a public elementary school, we gathered in the principal’s office with a team from the C&MA TaiDung Church in Taiwan. The principal warned us not to get our hopes up about starting the camp the next morning. A typhoon was on the way, and there was a chance we’d have to cancel our final children’s camp of 2012.

As we left the principal, my husband, Tim, said we would pray that the typhoon would move away from Taiwan.

The next morning dawned with sunshine and blue skies!

As we began the camp, the principal addressed the students about our conversation the previous day. “See, God made the typhoon leave for you! Even God is supporting this camp!” he proclaimed. (Previously, this same principal had told Tim that he didn’t like the Christian God because our God seemed too “narrow.”)

We did feel some effects of the typhoon, but the heavy rains held off each day until the children were safely home.

Letting Their Light Shine

In a public school setting, we are somewhat limited in presenting the gospel; however, the camp teachers shared their own experiences of trusting Jesus and really let their light shine. The kids had a great time, and our team has been invited to come back next year!

We invited the children to come to church on Saturday for Kids’ Club, and three attended. One little girl was unusually quiet. She explained that when she asked her father if she could go to church, he told her, “No, that’s not our religion.” But later, her mom brought her anyway.

Please pray for these children who desire to follow Jesus but face opposition from their families. Pray that God will open doors for them and give them courage to follow Christ.

Thank you for praying for us and giving so that we can continue to Be Light in YuanChang!


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