Critical Mass

By an Alliance worker, serving in Senegal

I’ve just seen what happens when hundreds of youth gather to bring the gospel to a least-reached population.

Recently, 336 young people, organized by the youth branch of the fraternity of churches in Senegal, attended their annual camp in center-city Saint-Louis, which is located in this West African nation’s northwestern region.

Morning and evening sessions included worship and prayer at the school where they were housed. But this was not just a retreat.

The youth hosted a medical clinic, visited a prison, prayed for people, and shared the truth of Christ through music, drama, and preaching in the city and in a nearby village. They also distributed Bibles, literature, and clothing.

Chain Reaction

As a result of this critical mass of God’s incarnational love:

  • Local Saint-Louis officials gave their blessing to camp participants; they also asked for more of the blessings God brought to their city through these young people!
  • More than 10 prisoners (men, women, and boys) responded to the call to follow Jesus.
  • I observed at least 10 youth who attended the camp make new professions of faith.
  • Applause erupted from a crowd watching a mime presentation when it registered with them that the Man (Jesus) being portrayed heals the lame.


Work teams also cleaned the beach near where the river empties into the ocean (Saint-Louis is close to the mouth of the Senegal River) and planted trees to help slow erosion. A nongovernment organization donated the trees.

The nurse from our clinic organized medical consultations at our church’s medical clinic; many of the campers assisted. Additionally, a number of youth gave blood at the local blood bank, which is always depleted during the month that is celebrated annually by the majority religion here (believed to be the month their holy book was revealed).

What an encouragement to see this cricial mass of youthful energy express the love of Jesus, demonstrate His power, and proclaim His truth!

What You Can Do


Pray that God will continue to multiply the work He began through the young people who attended the youth camp in Saint-Louis. Join other Alliance family members to pray for Alliance workers around the world.


  • Give to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) online. Partner with Alliance workers, like those in Senegal, who are effectively spreading the good news of Christ’s eternal hope—in word and deed.
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Read “Soccer, of Course!” to learn more about innovative youth ministry in Senegal and across West Africa.


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