Update from Manahawkin, NJ

Editor’s Note: The following is an update from Pastor Mike Dryburgh, who serves at King of Kings (Alliance) Community Church in Manahawkin, New Jersey.

Long Beach Island is closed; residents are allowed only to walk to their homes but park on the highway. Cell phone and e-mail services are spotty. Businesses and gas stations are closed along Route 9, which is where the church is located.


Jeff Conley from Trinity Alliance in Egg Harbor was a God-send. After lending the church two large generators and fighting his way to deliver them (our area is dark at night, with no street lights), Jeff showed up with his father and his son.

We set up the generators, running extension cords as fast as we could. People were cheering when the first light bulb lit up!


Just as the second generator started, which would power only our freezers, the entire church lit up like a Christmas tree! God had restored the power at that exact moment! The people stopped in their tracks when they realized what had just happened. We had been told it would be days before we would have electricity.

Immediately, Jeff led everyone in a prayer of thanksgiving. I was in shock, holding back tears! I couldn’t even speak. God continues to reveal His majesty to me!

Also, unbelievers were present who witnessed Who holds the real power in His hands!

Today, we have people coming from the community to take showers, do laundry, and get food, because God made sure King of Kings Community Church is up and running! They’re even coming to the church to hang out because their houses are dark and have no power. And make no mistake . . . they’re hearing about our wonderful Savior!

Praise God for His faithfulness and provision! Everyone’s spirit has been renewed, and we are now facing the challenges ahead with a deeper and clearer trust in the Lord.

Ongoing Needs

We have sent people north and west to start shopping and refilling our supplies. However despite our determination, money will probably run out. Many in the church are funding this directly, and we know that God will not let us fail!

King of Kings has two elders without homes, one without flood insurance. We have at least three church leaders who also are homeless. And, of course, repairs are necessary throughout the area. The devastation is hard to imagine until you see it up close. Few were untouched!

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