100 Percent!

By Tim and Penny Iverson, serving in Taiwan

Because of your prayers and gifts, our friend Lena will celebrate her first Christmas this year. When we returned to Taiwan last year after home assignment, it seemed obvious that the Holy Spirit was at work in Lena.

She definitely had an interest in Christ. When we asked her how close she was to accepting Him, she said, “50 percent.” She wanted to follow Jesus but had many doubts. “But don’t push me!” she emphatically told us.

During the months that followed, we saw Lena’s heart soften more as she began attending church and a neighborhood Bible study. Occasionally, we’d ask, “Where are you now, Lena?” She’d pause a moment and say, “60 percent.”

Then a few months later, it was “70 percent.”

Who’s the Boss?

Last night, Lena shared a bit of her journey. She told how, with doubts, she began praying for help with some family struggles. As God responded to her prayers, she thought, “This really works!” She kept asking for and relying on His provision and met a God who cares for her.

She confessed that her attitude in prayer had been demanding. She said, “I acted like I was the boss. I told God, ‘You listen to me.’”

With arms upraised in worship and surrender, she told us, “Now I say, ‘God, whatever you want, whatever you decide, it is OK with me.’”

Lena has reached 100 percent! She is following Jesus. She wants to be baptized and publicly declare her faith, but she is afraid her husband and relatives will strongly oppose this. Please pray that our mighty God will open doors for Lena and that by His grace, Lena’s husband and family also will turn to Christ.

Lena’s journey in faith has occurred in direct answer to the prayers of many of you. Thank you for your partnership with us in prayer for the people of Taiwan. Your giving to the Great Commission Fund provides the means for us to be here in Lena’s village, planting Amazing Grace Church. 

Thank you for giving! As we look to God, we trust that soon we’ll see many more in our village reach 100 percent.

What You Can Do


Pray that many people will come to know Jesus as Emmanuel this Christmas. Pray for Alliance workers like Tim and Penny as they share the Light of the World each day. Try using our weekly Alliance Prayer requests.


  • Give to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) to support Alliance workers in Taiwan and around the world who are extending the hope of Christ to the lost and discipling new believers.
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