Answered Prayer Draws Widow to Jesus

By Rachel Kramer, serving in Taiwan

“A-Zhen,” a middle-aged widow with two teenage daughters, was barely able to make ends meet. We first encountered her three years ago when her younger daughter came to us for free math tutoring that our church provides. Some of our team members have been meeting with A-Zhen weekly for caregiving and discipleship. She is preparing for baptism and has given glory to God for several answers to prayer:

When I was under great financial pressure, two Alliance international workers from the Four Lakes Alliance Church, Rachel Kramer and Hannah Hwang, came to my house to pray for my needs. A few minutes after they left, I received a telephone call asking if I was interested in accepting an offer for a regular cleaning job! This helped relieve our family’s dire financial straits.

I have a friend who enjoys gambling, and I have continuously prayed for him to be able to stop. One day he went out again to gamble. Just then he felt as if there was a person pulling on the corner of his clothing and telling him to stop gambling. My friend told me that he didn’t understand how something like this could happen. Then he departed from the gambling den to go fishing. Afterward, he never gambled again!

This same friend enjoys fishing. When his fishing pole broke recently, he couldn’t afford to buy a new one. So I prayed about this matter and asked acquaintances if they had an old fishing pole they were willing to part with. Three days after I prayed, my cousin called me. While we were chatting, he mentioned he had a fishing pole but doesn’t have any time to fish. He was willing to give the pole to my friend. Not long after, I received the fishing pole in the mail and delivered it to my friend. He was so happy!

I have two daughters, but we have only one bicycle. Due to the remote location of our home, a second bike was a necessity. I prayed about this matter. Not long after, a friend used the points he collected by filling up at the gas station to give our family a brand new bicycle. Praise God for hanging His head down to listen to my prayer!

What You Can Do


Pray for A-Zhen and others like her in South-Central Taiwan. Pray that through answered prayers to the God of Jesus Christ, dreams, visions, and other supernatural encounters, they will decide to follow Jesus and be baptized.

  • Use the weekly Alliance Prayer Requests to pray for Alliance workers like Rachel Kramer who are pointing the way to Christ.

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  • Give to the Great Commission Fund (GCF). In doing so, you make it possible for people like A-Zhen to come to know Jesus through the ministry of Alliance workers.
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