Praying Without Sleeping

By an international worker serving in the Alliance North and Central Asia region

For months Abid* had observed his brother, Boulos, growing in his new faith in Jesus. Impressed by the changes Abid witnessed, he began attending Boulos’ house church, which is hosted by an Alliance worker couple.

Abid began participating in discussion times and bowing for prayer at the meetings. (Everyone sits on mats that surround a long, low makeshift table in the couple’s living room.) He even began helping to prepare for the group’s worship together.

But something held Abid back from committing his life to Jesus.

Pressed to Pray

“I had been praying that Abid would come to Christ in repentance and faith,” says the house church host, who is learning the language of Abid and Boulous’ people.

“And I felt a pressing urgency to pray fervently for him,” she says, recalling the night recently when the two brothers arrived early for the house meeting.

That night, Za’in, the group leader, shared from John 3.

“I continued to pray for Abid,” says the host. “But trying to understand a language you don’t know well can be tiring! I just wanted to close my eyes and fall asleep!

“But, my living room was full of people, and I knew that the deep impression in my heart to pray for Abid was God’s love for him.”

As the study in the Word neared its end, Abid was visibly moved.

Za’in, also sensing the Spirit’s moving, asked Abid if he wanted to become a Jesus follower.


That’s when Abid revealed why he was hesitant to commit his life to Jesus: “But what if I fall away after a few years? Can I ever come back?”

One of the women in the group shared that God would give His Spirit to Abid to protect him. She also told him that the group would help him stay strong.

Za’in asked again: “Abid, are you ready to repent?””


Right then and there, Abid gave his heart to the Lord.

“What a joy it was to hear Abid repent of his sin and open his heart to Christ with all of us present,” says the host.

“What joy will be ours, when one day around the throne we hear our Savior’s great grace proclaimed. May He be pleased to add many more to that number!”

*Names changed for security reasons

What You Can Do


  • Praise God that Abid has come to new faith in Christ! Pray for him to grow daily, firmly grounded in his faith and filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray also that Alliance international workers in the North and Central Asia region will know how to make disciples here in obedience to the Great Commission, a worker requests.
  • Join the Alliance family to pray for our international workers worldwide, who daily minister in challenging circumstances among people with great needs. Use our Alliance Weekly Prayer Requests to assist you.


  • Give to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) and support Alliance workers who are engaged in strategic ministries that open doors to introduce people to Jesus.
  • Give now

Learn More

  • Watch the encouraging news how the gospel is spreading through North and Central Asia.


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