No Turning Back

By Ed and Sue Danneker, serving in Thailand

When several members of the Mahapawn Living Water Church entered a community swimming pool to be baptized in January 2013, they knew they would face consequences for their decision.

Jack, in his twenties, risked alienating his wife and her relatives, who are deeply involved in the appeasement of evil spirits. He works at their family business, and spiritual warfare is all around him as he refuses to participate in appeasement ceremonies.

During his baptism testimony, Jack said, “I became interested in being a Christian after my father believed. I observed his life and saw how he changed.”

Hungry for God

The other baptism candidates, who are in their teens, face opposition from their parents. Pet, 16, was raised by his grandmother until third grade, when his parents became his caregivers. They do not support his decision to attend church, but that hasn’t stopped Pet from pursuing God.

“I first came to church as a music student in October 2011,” Pet said. “I did not believe at first, but I started coming on Saturday for the music and then on Sunday, too. My grandmother believes in God. She is Catholic and a very kind person. Today, I am confident of my faith in Jesus. Many of my friends say I have changed.”

The Monday after Easter 2012, he came to church to talk to Pastor Somkit. Pet broke down in tears, saying he finally understood what Jesus had done for him. Pet has been one of our most faithful in attendance and in studying discipleship material. His relationship with the Lord has grown steadily during the past year and a half.

Ploy, a tenth grader, also started coming to church because of the music. In her testimony, she said, “Before I was a Christian, I didn’t obey my parents very much. I came to church in October 2011 to learn how to play the bass guitar so my friends and I could perform in a music competition at school.”

Video provided courtesy of Ed and Sue Danneker

A Bold Faith

One day in November 2011, Ploy came to church to ask Pastor Somkit and his wife, Suda, many questions. Later, Ploy went running with Suda, lost track of time, and did not get back to the church until early evening. Knowing she was in for a harsh scolding from her mom, Ploy panicked. Sue was called to drive her home and to explain Ploy’s lateness.

Ploy prayed, “God, if you are really there, don’t let my mom punish me for being late.” When Ploy arrived home, she was amazed that her mom was calm and did not scold her. Ploy believed in Jesus immediately. She has grown in her faith, boldly witnessing for Christ in her school and to her friends. Her grades have improved, and she has seen her life change. Also, she is much more obedient to her parents.

Ploy’s parents were okay with her church attendance at first when she was coming only for guitar lessons. But when she declared her faith in Jesus to them, they opposed her—even though they were pleased with how the Lord had changed her life.

As the believers were baptized, the congregation sang the old hymn, “I have decided to follow Jesus—no turning back, no turning back.”

What You Can Do


Pray that the families of Jack, Pet, and Ploy will come to faith in Jesus. Pray also that these new disciples will be strong in their faith in the face of opposition as they leave their old lives behind.

Use the weekly Alliance Prayer requests to pray for Alliance workers worldwide who are introducing people to Jesus—the hope of the world.


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