Sharing Compassion with Ndeye

“Alliance people are extending compassion to their neighbors in more than 20 closed nations (creative-access countries)…,” a recent article in Alliance Life magazine reported. The following is an adapted excerpt from a creative-access worker’s report, illustrating how compassionate ministry is revealing Jesus’ love to the marginalized in Africa.

Ndeye Diouf volunteers as an advocate for women and minors in prison, speaking to lawyers and judges on behalf of those who have been abandoned by their families or have no one to push their cases forward.

She has done this work for nearly 15 years in a West African country where inmates can wait up to 4 years for their trial.

“Mama Ndeye”

Ndeye also takes much-needed toiletry items and “small comforts” that include coffee, tea, milk, and sugar to the prisoners. It’s no wonder prison staff and inmates call her “Mama Ndeye”!

Recently, Alliance people and other believers partnered with Ndeye to offer free dental care to the inmates she serves. This outreach was an illustration of the power of partnership in sharing the tangible love of Christ.

The team, organized by a worker with Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA), the relief and development arm of The Alliance, included:

  • Local believers;
  • Members of a local church pastored by an Alliance International Ministries worker;
  • A member of our Alliance leadership team in Africa;
  • Dr. Tabitha Kieviet from CAMA Zending (Holland);
  • Dentists and medical workers from a local Youth with a Mission (YWAM) clinic; and
  • Dr. David Heyward from the United States; his wife, Barbara; and their teammate Candace.

During several days of outreach, the team saw more than 79 patients, including inmates in the prison from across Africa and Europe. The medical staff extracted more than 47 teeth, completed 28 fillings, and cleaned one set of dentures.

Good Moments

Seeing the smiles of patients when they got up from the dentist’s chair was a highlight. The team also enjoyed the moments spent getting to know the inmates who were waiting for treatment or in comforting those who were scared.

Although you might think that they wouldn’t have much in common, there was always something that allowed them to connect.

In talking with the women, the team’s interpreter met one who was from the same village her husband had lived in. Another was from a place in Europe that she’d visited, and still another had a child the same age as hers.

“Leaving the women’s prison and translating the thank-yous for the dentist from the women who waved and smiled as we walked past their cells was an especially good moment,” recalled the interpreter. “I hope this isn’t my last time volunteering with Ndeye.”

What You Can Do


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Learn More

  • Read “The Deaf Hear,” an article about a team from an Alliance church in Oregon that engaged in compassionate ministry to a marginalized people group in Burkina Faso.
  • Check out how your church can form a Ministry Partnership with Alliance field workers.


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