No Appointment Necessary

By Sue Danneker, serving in Thailand

Six-year-old Nong Bam peeked into our storefront ministry center. Our afternoon worship service had long been over, and we were cleaning up after the fellowship dinner.

“Are you teaching the kids today?” she asked. My heart melted.

Since their parents don’t mind, the neighborhood kids feel free to come to our ministry center at any time. Nong Bam saw that the front of the church was still open—so it did not faze her in the least that the junior church “appointment” had passed two hours ago.

“Yes, Nong Bam,” I answered, “I’m teaching the kids today.” I was glad to adapt my schedule for these little ones.

“Do you have coloring sheets for us?”

I nodded and smiled.

“Hurray! I’ll go get Peace and Poss.” She returned with the young boys momentarily, colored pencils in hand. I began my lesson about the Good Shepherd, and we had our junior church class just a few hours late.

After their coloring sheets were finished and displayed on the bulletin board, I asked the children if they wanted to watch the tambourine practice in the second-floor sanctuary. Their eyes widened. They raced me to the steps and removed their shoes, as is the custom here, before running upstairs.

The sanctuary was filled with music. Pastor Sukprasan played the drums, while others sang worship songs as the tambourine players danced. The children sat enthralled in the corner.

When the practice concluded, it was the kids’ turn to play. Nong Peace thought the tambourine made a better hat. As the teens and adults prepared to leave, the happy children scampered back to their homes.

This is why we are here in Thailand—to share Christ’s light and love with those who need the Shepherd. Your faithful prayers and generous giving enable us to touch the lives of Thai people, including Nong Bam and her friends, for Jesus. Pray that these children will continue to hear the Shepherd’s voice and put their trust in Him. Also, pray that their parents will come to know Him as their Good Shepherd.

What You Can Do


Join the Alliance family in praying for our international workers in Thailand and worldwide, who daily share Christ’s love with people young and old. Use the Alliance Weekly Prayer Requests to assist you.


  • Give to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) and support Alliance international workers who are pushing back the darkness as they introduce lost people to the light of Jesus.
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Learn More

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  • Check out the G.C. Kidz Club! With online games, stories, Bible studies, and more, it is a place where you and the kids in your life can learn more about Alliance missions. Also, children will be challenged to live out Jesus’ Great Commission in their own lives.


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