Miracle in Ishinomaki

By Ken Young

Ken and his wife, Kathy, serve in Ishinomaki, Japan, the area hardest hit by the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami. Through the New Life Center (NLC), Alliance field workers and CAMA (Compassion and Mercy Associates) are reaching out to lost and hurting people in this city. The following was adapted from the Youngs’ recent update; their colleague Alan Kropp also contributed to this story.

I have a cap for the Fort Myers Miracle, a minor-league baseball team based in Florida. Written across the front in bold, colorful letters is the word “MIRACLE.”

I wear this hat all the time. In recent months, because of your prayers and the Lord’s grace, God has performed one miracle after another in our lives—including healing me from Legionnaires’ disease. Also, God met every need during my convalescence in the United States.

And now this . . . When we arrived in Ishinomaki, the prospect of securing a home as a foreigner seemed daunting, if not impossible. Approximately 70 percent of the city was destroyed or damaged by the rushing ocean. As a result, 15,000 people still live in temporary housing units scattered throughout the area.

Every realtor in the city told us, “There are no houses left to rent in Ishinomaki.”

But God . . .

Then you prayed, and God answered. On October 5, we signed a lease for a refurbished old house in the middle of Ishinomaki. Now with a place to live, we can serve the devastated people of this city through the ministries of the NLC.

Members of the NLC’s ministry team lead a weekly Bible study for residents of one of the housing units. Little by little the Holy Spirit has used His Word to change their hearts; several have expressed that they are close to placing their faith in Christ.

I still wear the “Miracle” hat. We thank the Lord for His great mercy toward us. Also, we thank you for your prayers for the Japanese people, the Alliance work in Japan, and the NLC team.

May the Lord bless and use you greatly wherever you are.

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