65 Years Later

alife exclusiveRecently, a housekeeper became a follower of Jesus during her time with the family of an international worker serving in East Asia. They gave her a gospel message on DVD to take home to her bedridden mother. As soon as she started watching the film, which began with Creation, the housekeeper’s mom exclaimed, “I know this story!”

It turns out the woman had heard the biblical account in Genesis from Alliance workers who had visited her remote village when she was a little girl. The foreign Christians were forced to leave the country, and she never heard more of the story—until that day, 65 years later.

After watching the entire DVD, she said, “I knew that God made the world, but until now I never knew He had a Son.” She was eager to believe because she remembered the workers who had traveled a great distance up the river just to share their stories with her village.

Your prayers and gifts to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) made it possible for this woman to hear about God’s only Son and receive Him as Savior. As you give to the GCF, you are touching the lives of countless others and advancing His Kingdom around the world. Thank you for helping to shine Christ’s light in the darkness!

What You Can Do


Your prayers empower Alliance workers to reach lost and hurting people. Use the weekly Alliance Prayer Requests to assist you in praying for our worldwide team.


Read this and other articles in the December 2013 online edition of alife magazine.


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